Lt Gen (r) Arif Hasan’s re-election as President POA for the 4th consecutive term raises concerns

Lt Gen (r) Arif Hasan was initially nominated as President POA by Gen Pervez Musharraf in 2004.


Maj Gen (R) Muhammad Akram Sahi, President Athletics Federation of Pakistan, has written to the Prime Minister of Pakistan to reconsider the decision of electing Lt Gen (r) Arif Hasan as the President of Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) for the fourth consecutive term.

In a much-needed ‘call for action’, Mr Sahi lauded PM Imran Khan’s spirit as an honourable statesman and a notable sportsman. He said that he appreciates PM Khan’s commitment towards eliminating mafia, but his attention is needed towards eliminating the mafia that has riddled the sports sphere in Pakistan.

Lt Gen (r) Arif Hasan was initially nominated as President POA by Gen Pervez Musharraf in 2004. He was forcibly inducted without any elections. The opposing candidate was also forced to withdraw in favour of Arif Hassan.

Gen. Arif Hasan is now completing his 4th term as President POA, which is in violation of provisions of the Constitution of Pakistan Sports Board Rule (iii), which makes him ineligible to be re-elected in office after completing two terms.

The letter added that Gen. Arif says that he receives no funds from the government, which is a blatant ‘lie’ because funds worth millions are designated for National Games, South-Asian Games, Islamic Games, Common Wealth Games, etc. Considering that, the quality and standard of sports in Pakistan has significantly declined, which shows that funds have been used for personal gains.

It concluded that with his appointment being unconstitutional, his personal record also shows that he is an unreliable person to be in the position. The sports have been in the lowest ebb for the past two decades under his leadership, which presses that a change is needed to make an effective improvement.


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  • Why should we believe Maj Gen (R) Muhammad Akram Sahi? a couple of years back he with the help of the government forcefully took over the Olympic association and its offices. After that, he was kicked out by the World Olympic Association. He himself is a liar and should not be believed.

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