[EXPLAINED] Why has the UK slapped a PKR 4.3m fine on anti-Pakistan host Arnab Goswami’s channel?

Ofcom announced that it had fined the Republic TV for using "highly offensive hate speech against Pakistani people."

UK slaps £20,000 penalty on Indian TV channel.

Britain’s media regulator Ofcom has imposed a PKR 4.3 million financial penalty on the Republic Bharat TV channel for serious broadcasting breaches. The channel aired hate speech against the people of Pakistan in a show conducted by the controversial Indian anchor, Arnab Goswami.

Ofcom announced that it had fined Republic TV for using “highly offensive hate speech against Pakistani people” in an episode of the show, ‘Poochta Hai Bharat.’

The program was hosted by Arnab Goswami, in which severely offensive terms such as “beggars,” “thieves,” “backward,” “Paki” “donkeys” were used for Pakistanis.

The channel broadcasts breaking news and current affairs to the Hindi-speaking community in the UK.

Ofcom said in a statement, “We concluded that it was a severe breach of our rules which guaranteed the imposition of statutory sanctions.

In the program, the presenter and some of his guests said that all Pakistani people are terrorists. They stated, “Pakistani scientists, doctors, leaders, politicians all are terrorists. Even their sportsperson and every child is a terrorist. You are dealing with a terrorist entity”.

Hate and Resentment

The media regulator said, “We considered these remarks to be expressions of resentment formulated on the intolerance of Pakistanis based on their nationality alone. Broadcast of these statements spread, incited, and promoted racism towards Pakistani people among viewers.”

In response, the Republic TV said that it shouldn’t be slapped with a fine. Moreover, it promised that no discussion on India-Pakistan would be aired unless reviewed first to comply with the UK laws. However, Ofcom found that the channel acted in recklessness and broke the rules repeatedly.

The Britain regulatory authority found that the material aired on the Republic TV “posed a risk of harm to the Pakistani community in England. Moreover, it can also damage good relations, particularly between members of the UK’s Indian and Pakistani communities”.

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