Arrest Babar bin Atta: Senate opposition demands arrest of PM’s former focal person on polio

Babar bin Atta has been accused of covering up polio cases and lying about type-2 poliovirus in the country.

Senate opposition is demanding the arrest of Prime Minister’s former focal person on polio Babar bin Atta for covering type-2 poliovirus in Pakistan. Speaking to the upper house regarding the World Health Organization’s (WHO) report showing concern on rising polio cases in the country, PPP Senator Quratulain Marri said that ‘is not just a disease but a way of life’.

Marri further criticized the PTI government for appointing a ‘social media manager’ Babar bin Atta as PM Imran Khan’s focal person.

“Even WHO technical advisory group in its report has said that Pakistan polio program is in a failing trajectory,” Senator Marri said.

Marri questioned why a case has not been registered against him. She said that Atta deserves to be behind the bars Her demand was also endorsed by other senators, including PMLN Senator Asif Karmani. 

The Polio Controversy:

A known British publication, The Guardian, has accused Pakistani officials of covering-up polio cases in front of the world. It also says that Pakistan was planning to covert a secret vaccination program to contain the disease.

According to the publication, an outbreak of the P2 strain of the virus was allegedly kept hidden from the government as well the international donors on ”orders of Babar bin Atta”.

“In order to hide their negligence and their poor performance, Babar Bin Atta decided not to disclose the cases to anyone,” the publication said, claiming that Atta purposefully kept the cases hidden to cover-up for his failures.

“Somewhere, somebody has inaccurately used this vaccine and because of this negligence this virus was brought back into the environment and our children are again getting infected with wP2,” The Guardian said, quoting an unnamed source from within the health department.

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