Arshad Nadeem still at home while Neeraj Chopra trains in US for upcoming international events

The Pakistani star javelin thrower chances of winning a medal will reduce further if he doesn't start his preparations soon.

Arshad Nadeem and Neeraj ChopraAs it has always been the case, the relevant sports authorities don’t seem to be taking javelin thrower Arshad Nadeem’s preparations serious for the upcoming major events. According to a report, the Pakistani star thrower is still at his home while his Indian counterpart Neeraj Chopra is training in the United States.

Chopra will be training for the next year’s World Championship, Commonwealth Games and Asian Games for three months in the US. On the other hand, Arshad Nadeem is still at his home as the authorities have been unable to hold a camp. The Pakistani star javelin thrower chances of winning a medal will reduce further if he doesn’t start his preparations soon.

A representative of the Athletics Federation of Pakistan (AFP) told a local media outlet that the camp will be held in a few days. “We are going to hold an internal meeting soon and inshaAllah by the end of this month a camp will be held for him,” the representative said.

Furthermore, he also added that Arshad Nadeem will either be sent abroad or a coach will be arranged to train him virtually. When asked about the Olympics getting closer and Nadeem’s lack of training, he said: “Yes we feel this and a camp is necessary as soon as possible. We will try to interact with the government.”

The AFP has already been told to arrange a camp for Arshad by the government. However, it is not yet known how the govrenment will back the camp. Moreover, AFP planned to send the star javelin thrower to South Africa but the new coronavirus variant omicron has made it difficult.

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