Article 19 – Freedom Of Speech

Democracy is defined as the rule of people, where the entire system is created and formulated to transfer maximum rights to the people. However, one important dynamic of a democratic state is ‘Freedom Of Speech.’
Article 19 o constitution of Pakistan gives people full authority to vocalize their opinions. So the people are completely free from any legal penalty and any restriction to express their views and sentiments.

But the question is, how are we interpreting this right? Does this give us all the authority we want to say anything without any marked limits?
Are we fully liberated to express our thoughts, even if they hurt someone’s sentiments? If yes, then what can be the consequences?
And if no, what exactly is the boundary line that constitution of this state draws?
To address this sensitive issue and important questions, made a minor effort. Watch our representative explain in detail about what Article 19 is, are there any boundaries and if yes, what exactly are they.
Listen how observing the limits is imperative for a state like Pakistan where society is heterogeneous in nature.
Educate yourself and pass this message onto others for doing your part in creating a tolerant state.

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