Article 204 – Contempt Of Court

Contempt of court refers to as being disobedient to court. The behavior that offends the sanctity of court in any way comes under this. Courts are the biggest, independent and the single most powerful institution in the country.

Contempt of court has three categories:

  1. Verbally saying something or being disrespectful through behavior inside the courtroom.

  2. Failing to obey the court order. Any word or behavior that is repugnant of what court has ordered.

  3. Publically criticising decision of the court and refusing to follow it.


If the court notices any offensive behavior that comes under the ‘contempt of court,’ it has full authority to issue a notice. Further, a hearing is held that decides if the individual or the organization is found guilty of contempt or not.

In a country like Pakistan where institutions are weak and politicised, protection of court is critical to maintaining law and order.

To know more about what exactly is ‘contempt of court,’ how it protects the sanctity of the biggest institution of the country and how this protects not only courts but also us as individuals, watch our representative explain it in detail.

Watch the complete video here:


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