As China has nearly won the battle against COVID-19, it says that Japanese flu drug is ‘clearly effective’ for it

The medicine has a high degree of protection and is effective in treatment.


According to Japanese media reports, medical specialists in China have said a drug used in Japan to treat new strains of the flu appeared to be effective in corona virus patients.

An official at China’s science and technology ministry, Zhang Xinmin, said ’favipiravir’ , developed by Japan, had produced promising results in clinical trials in Shenzhen and Wuhan involving 340 patients.

Xinmin further said, “The medicine has a high degree of protection and is effective in treatment.”

According to media reports, “Patients who were given Favipiravir tested negative for the virus after four days of being diagnosed. However, pat.

Doctors in Japan are using the same medicine in medical studies on corona virus patients with minor to adequate symptoms, hoping it will stop the virus from increasing in patients.

However, a Japanese health ministry suggested the medicine was not as effective in people with more severe symptoms.

The Ministry further stated, “We have given Avigan to 70 to 80 patients, but it does not seem to work that well when the virus has already increased.”

Favipiravir would need government approval for full-scale use on the corona virus patients since it was initially projected to treat influenza.

A health official said that the medicine could be approved as early as May. “But if the results of the medical study are delayed, approval could also be delayed.”

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