As Imran Khan enjoys his victory against all, PDM stands alone helplessly

It is a fact that PDM started on the wrong foot. One against all was the wrong optics from the beginning.

The ex-prime minister Imran Khan has opted for a gamble to re-assert his narrative with the people’s approval stamp. Standing on the wrong side of the establishment, being a clear winner was a seemingly impossible goal.

Defying all odds, Imran Khan’s win against all has delivered him that and much more. Imran Khan has emerged as a unique phenomenon in Pakistan’s politics. His followers trust and believe him unconditionally. He made it clear to the opponents that he has the people’s support in the length and breadth of the country.

It is a fact that PDM started on the wrong foot. One against all was the wrong optics from the beginning. Additionally, ex-prime minister Imran Khan outshined them with his political understanding and maneuvers. There was an opinion that PTI had not responded to this issue aggressively. The power hubs and the forced regime was seeking IK’s one mistake they could actualize in their favor.

The political atmosphere is boiling with no possible reconciliation. There is an ample possibility of a nonpolitical force maneuvering the situation in a direction that can damage our political canvas and serve the invisible forces in the long run. Imran Khan is successfully progressing in the right direction. He is tactfully bypassing all the taps.

In this case, Imran Khan has over-smarted them by avoiding confrontation, but now the movement has progressed to the next stage. Imran Khan has transformed the by-election into a referendum in his favor and against the forced regime. Moreover, it is a clear sign to the power hubs to reconsider their inclination and take the right decision in favor of the nation.

PDM’s last hope remains with the foreign funding case and limiting Imran Khan’s politics.

Limiting his political presence is impossible and will create anarchy in the country as he is Pakistan’s only unifying political force. After the by-election, it is clear that any such initiative is destined to backfire.

In Pakistan, the by-election is normally taken casually and lacks public interest. On the contrary, Imran Khan’s followers ensured they cast a vote and guarded it well. Additionally, PDM rules 906.50 square kilometers of government are handicapped on multiple levels without the support of the power hubs. An obvious parting between the establishment and the PDM government adds to the worries of the forced regime.

At the moment, Imran Khan is enjoying an unprecedented political triumph. He has emerged as the only national leader with unparalleled following, appreciation, and acceptance. All venture to impart a dent to his public appeal, image, and popularity has failed drastically. Insult to injury came when the PMLN leadership left the country after predicting the obvious defeat, leaving their followers in hot waters.

Moreover, the opposition’s young leaders must learn through experience to counter the political wisdom and skill that Imran Khan has acquired after a continuous and untiring political struggle spanning over twenty-two years. It is a moment of glory for Imran Khan and his PTI followers, but it is the time to keep the guard on, think more tactfully, and reap the best from the evolving situation.

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