As #MeToo Picks Pace In Pakistan, Women Allege Junaid Akram and Faisal Edhi Of Harrasment

As #MeToo campaign picks pace in Pakistan, women come forward with their stories against their alleged harassers. The recent revelations have however circled comedian and social media star Junaid Akram aka ganjiswag.

The comedian has a recognized status on the internet and has managed to build an extensive fan base. Junaid has been accused by multiple women basically for cheating them by hiding his marital status and then when they found out and confronted him, threatening the women to stay silent or else he will destroy their reputes and reach out to their families.

All women had somewhat similar allegations against him – luring them, lying about his marital status while dating them and threatening them in the end.

Another woman also shared on Twitter that she went on three dates with Junaid, while on the last one he said he is about to get married.

Junaid however at the end of one of his vlogs stated that he denies the allegations and has handed over the matter to his legal team that will take care of the women.

Many people have extended their support, including another social media personality Shehzad Ghias, who says that he will not perform in any show where Junaid is invited from now on. He also said he believes survivors.

In another shocking incident, a woman named Urooj Zia has accused Faisal Edhi of harassment. She said that the story is only known by her husband but she will share it now.

Though Faisal categorically denied the allegations of course and called the woman a mental patient, women on social media platforms have extended their warm support for her and have demanded the removal of Faisal as head of Edhi Foundation as a man having such allegations on his name cannot be trusted with orphans and women.

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