Pakistan’s Former ICC Elite Panel Umpire Asad Rauf Now Runs a Shop in Landa Bazaar [Video]

Asad Rauf in his shop

When it comes to cricket, Pakistan has always provided the world with top-notch fast bowlers, spinners, batters as well as match officials. Aleem Dar is someone who needs no introduction.

Apart from Dar, Asad Rauf was also a regular part of the match officials in many big games. However, things didn’t really go for him the way he would have wanted as he embroiled in different controversies.

Now, the former ICC elite panel umpire runs a shop in Landa Bazaar, Lahore. During an interview with a local YouTube channel, Asad Rauf revealed that he no longer has any interest in cricket.

“I haven’t been in touch with the game since 2013, because once I leave something I leave it completely,” he stated.

In 2016, BCCI banned him after being found guilty of corrupt practices. Asad Rauf allegedly accepted expensive gifts from bookies during the IPL.

“I had nothing to do with these issues, the allegations came from the BCCI’s side and they took the decision on me themselves,” he added.

He also opened up about the controversy involving a Mumbai based model. “Even after the allegations from the girl, I had umpired in the IPL next season,” Rauf said.

Regarding his shop in the Landa Bazaar, he said: “This isn’t for me, this is the daily wages of my staff, I work for them.”

Asad Rauf went on to add that he doesn’t have any greed for money as he has seen a lot of it. “I have seen the world, with protocol. One of my sons is a special child. The other one has just come back from America (US) after completing his graduation. I read the Namaz five times a day. My wife reads the Namaz five times a day.”

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