Asad Umar Presents Zainab Alert Act – Time To Take Action Against Child Abusers

It’s positive to see that Pakistan has finally started to respond and do something about the issue of child harassment and violence subjected towards minors that are still in the vulnerable age. The combined attitude and verbal condemnation of the issue made the narrative of the entire Pakistan obvious and it was evident that something needs to be urgently done to put a full stop to this and secure our future.

To address the issue, PTI representative a Member of National Assembly Asad Umar has filed Zainab Alert Act 2018 in the House. The Act talks about improving the overall system that tackles child abduction, rape and murder. Umar proposed the legislation after the entire country showed their support towards the matter and protested showing that something needs to be urgently done.

The issue caught the hype after the body of a 7-year-old Zainab was found in a garbage heap after being subjected to rape and torture.
As the draft read, ‘’ Zainab Alert Act 2018 is an act against kidnapping, abduction, rape of children which are increasing day by day in the country’’ (Source: Dunya News)

The draft has basically put forward two demands and strategies to help the situation. One is the establishment of an office for detecting, alerting and rescuing the missing children. This will help to systematically address the situation and go about these horrifying cases in an organized and a more effective manner.

The second suggested measure is to manage and maintain a proper database in the regard and speed up the investigations. This will ensure that all aspects of these cases are being thoroughly looked into and also to establish a link between the cases of repetitive nature.

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