Asad Umar’s Exclusive Interview with community

Asad Umar — The Titan of PTI

Looking at the top echelons of PTI leadership, Asad Umar is a personality who stands apart. If one has to personify the ideology of PTI about its leadership, there will be no personality matching it as close as Asad Umar. Coming from a middle class family background,  he is young, energetic, well educated and have loads of achievements up his sleeves in the corporate sector. Moreover, his balanced rational opinions and a poised attitude pours more charisma into his personality. At least for the youth of PTI followers, he appears to be a perfect embodiment of the ideology of PTI’s vision of leadership, which revolves around promotion of merit.

A Lucky Start for Siasat.Pk

So, it was our very first interview for Siasat.Pk. Asad Umar was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule and accommodate our request… Bingo! and we got our lucky breakthrough.

We floated the idea well before time to our members on the forum and asked them to post their questions they wanted to ask Asad Umar. The response from the audience was massive. We really ended up scratching our heads to see the response. In fact, it was impossible to address all the questions we received in the time we had.

However, we tried to pose as many questions as possible to him. To make the best use of our time, we started the interview right when Mr. Asad landed on the Airport and we picked him up in our car to carry him to our office. This gentleman never came with a crease on his forehead on our informal and haphazard style of interview. Rather, it can be seen in the video that he himself appears to be enjoying it. Though, it might not be the best of our interviews, but as a kick start, we couldn’t hope for anything better.

Please see the questions as transcribed in the video and enjoy the interview.



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