IN PICTURES: Ashraf Ghani’s daughter Mariam Ghani enjoys a lavish life in New York

'There’s plenty of people in the art world who don’t know my father is a foreign leader, which is preferable'.

While women in Afghanistan are consumed with dread about the return of the Taliban’s oppressive rule, the daughter of the country’s exiled President Ashraf Ghani is living the artist’s life in New York City.

About the President’s Daughter – Mariam Ghani

Mariam Ghani is a 42-year-old visual artist and filmmaker who is currently enjoying a bohemian lifestyle in her Brooklyn loft. Living a life in a different state, under different circumstances, the woman can hardly relate to how Afghan women are surviving under Taliban rule.

While her dad worked in the Afghan government in 2002 — before he was elected president first in 2014 and then again in 2019 — Mariam Ghani was busy launching her art and teaching career.

Her work has since appeared in some of the most renowned museums globally, including the Guggenheim and MOMA in New York and the Tate Modern in London. In 2018, Mariam Ghani joined the faculty at Bennington College in Vermont.

Her first feature documentary, “What We Left Unfinished,” is now playing in select theaters. The documentary is about five films that were started and left abandoned during the Communist era in Afghanistan.

Mariam Ghani’s artist bio on social media reads:

I grew up very much in between cultures. And that’s the position I work from as an artist.

A 2015 profile of Mariam Ghani reads:

Mariam Ghani is a feminist, an archivist, and an activist who is as well-versed in the politics of extraordinary rendition as she is in the very Brooklyn pursuit of homemade chile-passion-fruit sorbet.

Speaking about her growing up as the daughter of a foreign leader, the media outlet quoted Mariam Ghani saying:

There’s plenty of people in the art world who don’t know my father is a foreign leader, which is preferable.

Here are some pictures of Mariam Ghani:

Media Catches up to Mariam Ghani

A media outlet sought Mariam Ghani on Tuesday, days after her father abandoned the country, leaving the residents high and dry under the extremist militant group’s control.

Reporters stood outside Mariam Ghani’s apartment located in a luxury co-op building on a quiet, leafy block of Clinton Hill, near buzzy restaurants and the Pratt Institute, to ask her for a comment on the matter. However, she refused to entertain any questions and shut the door.

It’s unclear whether Mariam Ghani has heard from her father or even knows where he is.

She hasn’t publicly commented on her father’s recent actions. However, in a 2015 New York Times article about her work, she said she thought her father was “remarkable.” Mariam Ghani told the newspaper that he has always been a remarkable person.

Mariam Ghani on the Current Situation of Afghanistan

Mariam Ghani took to Instagram on Monday to share that she was angry and grieving and terribly afraid for family, friends & colleagues left behind in Afghanistan. She added that she was working feverishly to do anything she can on their behalf.

In her Instagram post, Mariam Ghani didn’t specifically mention the plight of Afghan women — who are once again reporting being cut off from school and work and potentially being forced into marriages with Taliban fighters. However, she did provide resources for people looking to help Afghanistan residents. She said:

To everyone who has checked in and reached out in solidarity over the past few days: thank you. It has meant a lot. I’m pretty burned out, but I hope I’ll be able to reply to you all individually at some point.

The Escape of President Ashraf Ghani

While Mariam Ghani keeps her silence on the matter, media outlets continue to look for the escaping Afghan leader who snuck out of the presidential palace on Sunday with his inner circle of confidantes.

According to the Russian embassy in Kabul, exiled President Ashraf Ghani fled with four vehicles and a helicopter full of cash. His destination has not been revealed yet, though some reports suggest that he bolted to a neighboring country, like Uzbekistan or Tajikistan.

In a social media post from an unknown location, 72-year-old Ashraf Ghani claimed he had made his escape to save lives. His post read:

If I had stayed, countless of my countrymen would have been martyred, and Kabul would have faced destruction. It would have turned into ruins that could have resulted in a human catastrophe for its six million residents.

Contrary to Ashraf Ghani’s explanation, politicians and experts believe that his sudden departure hampered negotiations for a smooth transfer of power with the Taliban. Several people are of the view that Ghani left his people in the lurch to face chaos and dread while returning to the militant group’s brutal rule.

About exiled President Ashraf Ghani

Before returning to Afghanistan in 2001, Ashraf Ghani — an academic who holds a doctorate from New York City’s Columbia University — worked at the UN and World Bank.

He and his wife, Rula Ghani from Lebanon, raised their two kids, Mariam and Tarek, in Maryland, where Ashraf Ghani taught at Johns Hopkins University.

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  • What are your thoughts on this?
    My thought is Bullshit…what is the purpose of showing her?

  • US spent 2 trillion dollars without any thing to show worthwhile except garih houses of Dostum and the lifestyle of this bhagori. This where the money was spent


    And that too – so fast ?

    It is foolish to write them off !

    They have a plan !

    They want to burden the Taliban with running the nation ! It is not the riots and insurrections ! It is food,water,power,education, employment, security of the people ! They surprised Taliban who will take time to set up their team !

    Their aim is to choke the Taliban and make it fall in the lap of PRC and Russia and Pakistan – so that Ghani and Company can gain relevance and possibly lead a return with the ANA ! The US will NOT like the PRC,Russian,Iranian axis via Afghanistan !

    Taliban has to 1st and foremost take care of the basic needs of the people – id.est.,food,water,power,education, employment, security of the people !

    It it fails – the people will insurrect, and the moles and spies embedded in Afghanistan, by the US and Ghani will activate and this time the ANA and other mercenaries will use the cover of the masses to attack the Taliban.

    By quitting, Ghani has also sent a message to the Indian weasels for NOT aiding the ANA – and thus,Ghani blew up the Indian Chabahar and the Indian investments in Afghanistan.

    Ghani and ANA are waiting and watching !

    1st Taliban have to end Corruption
    2nd provide basic amenties – id.est.,food,water,power,education at the lowest cost
    3 rd stabilise the currency

    Ghani and his gang know the nation and its people ! It is easier to start food inflation than to lead an insurrection ! Then Food Inflation will lead to the people’s insurrection and then Ghani and his merry men will come marching in !

    To start with,Taliban should get food aid from PRC and other nations, and ensure that the lowest strata of society, gets every morsel of the food – for free – and that will give them,the permanent anchor ! dindooohindoo

  • As soon as I hear “Tradition of public service” I know what is the best that 90% of the lot can do.
    She is the daughter of the corrupt, coward, and selfish puppet ex-president of Afghanistan. She is the Maryam of Afghanistan.

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