Pakistan hails heroic ASI who used his own daughter as bait to catch rapists

Sindh govt announces Rs one million for police officer's daughter

Recently an appalling incident occurred in Kashmore, where a man subjected a five-year-old girl and her mother to sexual assault.

According to the details, the culprit raped the woman and released her but held her daughter captive. The offender stipulated that if the woman wanted her daughter back, she would have to bring another girl to him; otherwise, he would kill her daughter.

The woman went to seek help from the Kashmore Police, where they assured her of their full support.

The police officer, ASI Muhammad Bukhsh, used his own daughter as bait to arrest the culprit who had abducted and taken the five-year-old girl to Kashmore.

In an interview with a local news channel, the ASI said that the kidnapper, Muhammad Rafiq, asked the woman to bring another girl to him if she wanted her daughter back. The ASI then followed the culprit and caught him just as he was about to take his daughter.

Amid growing outrage regarding the incident on social media, the bravery of the ASI stunned many.

People have been applauding the Assistant Sub-Inspector’s remarkable efforts in catching the culprit.

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  • Ya ALLAH ain bachion ky naseeb achay kr dy or ais Police walay ko Pakka Momim bana dy or duniya o Akhirat main bohat aala muqam aata farmai aamin

    Rasool S.A.W ka deedar nasseb ho aamin

  • why Sind Govt. is doing press conference to take credit of..the ASI did this in his personal capacity, out of Ghairat and humanity..he had to use his own daughter…Had this been an institutional effort of Sind police, lady constable would have used for the job…ASI is our hero.

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