Asim Azhar’s “Tum Tum” is the new Twitter meme and we picked the best ones for you!

They will make your day!

Pakistani singer Asim Azhar’s latest song Tum Tum has taken the internet by storm. The song was released a couple of days back, and within minutes it was trending on the video-sharing platform YouTube.

TikTok sensation, Areeqa Haq, starred in the music video, whereas Pakistani actress Hania Amir also made a cameo in the song.

The other side of the story is that Asim Azhar’s song Tum Tum trended #1 on YouTube as well as on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. The much-awaited song left the audience utterly disappointed. People think that the song is nothing else but a complete waste of time.

Netizens took to different social media platforms to troll the new song Tum Tum and flooded the internet with memes.

Here we have garnered some memes that would undoubtedly crack you up!

Here’s the song

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