Aspiring Actress Shares Her Experience At PTV And It Needs Urgent Addressal

Pakistan’s media industry recently has developed and reshaped itself in all the aspects. With welcoming extremely talented new faces, we have seen the drama serials hitting some extremely appreciable heights, breaking barriers and speaking about social issues that have previously been rendered as ‘tabooed’.
However, even after all this screen revolution, we have seen in the current years, there is still one big question mark that has come under discussions many times but then silenced as it is seen as an accepted practice in the industry i.e, the hiring process.

Similar ordeals of newbies in the industry meet our eye where they have revealed the shallow inside and exploitation in showbiz, one brave woman has taken a stance against it and has shared her story.

Nida Adil took to Facebook saying that the moment she diagnosed that acting has her calling, she started looking for ways to enter in the industry. The search landed her in the auditions of an upcoming drama serial on PTV and Nida, with her talent, flaunted the audition. She impressed everyone with her dialogue delivery and was asked to perform again to show the rest of the participants. She was later contacted by the PR, congratulating her on getting the role. However, the indusial asked her to make a ‘compromise’ in return for it.

He kept saying to spend time with him to avail the opportunity despite being selected on the basis of her talent. Assuring that she will have to do that for him only and no one else, he also said that he will keep it confidential.

Upon refusal, he deprived her of the opportunity that she rightfully earned. Here is what Nida shared:


Being the pioneer of the screen in Pakistan, it is unfortunate to see how such practices still exist in PTV and the weak organizational culture has failed to prevent it.

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