At Times Celebrities Leak Their Own Pictures: Nadia Hussain [Video]

The actress and fashion model, Nadia Hussain, has made a shocking statement regarding celebrities’ leaked videos and pictures.

The multi-talented Nadia Hussain was recently invited by Ihsan Khan to his show, Bol Nights with Ihsan Khan, along with singer Fakhir Mehmood. Ihsan Khan asked the two stars about whether it’s true that some celebrities leak their own pictures and videos to gain attention.

Replying to the question, Nadia Hussain said that some times they do so.

“At times, yes. There are many who want that attention,” Nadia Hussain said.

However, Fakhir Mehmood didn’t seem happy at all with Nadia Hussain’s statement. He asked why would someone leak their own pictures. He went on to add that “in a country like Pakistan, why would someone try to become Sunny Leone.

Nadia Hussain named Qandeel Baloch as such an example, but Fakhir Mehmood asked her not to name Qandeel like this as she passed away.

Watch The Video Here:

Celebrities Leaked Videos & Pictures:

Recently, it was singer Rabi Pirzada whose private videos and pictures surfaced on the internet and led to her bidding farewell to the showbiz industry.

Days later, another Pakistani model, Samara Chaudhry’s compromising videos also leaked on the internet.

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