Atif Aslam In Hot Waters For Singing An Indian Song At Pakistan Independence Day Parade

When you are in a comparatively influential position with a fanbase heterogeneous in nature, every action of yours is keenly looked at and criticized as it has the potential to impact a larger audience. Something identical happened with Pakistan’s singing sensation, Atif Aslam.

Like his every concert where fans are screaming on top of their voices, showering him love and singing along every lyric of his record-breaking songs – this didn’t really go too well for Atif.

During his recent concert as a part of NYC Pakistan Day Parade, Atif sang a song he originally performed as part of his work in India. He sang his iconic ‘Tera Honay Laga Hoon’, which infuriated the audience who perceived it to be inappropriate for an event having great significance for Pakistan. It was also reported by the media sources that people disgruntled and unhappy audience started to leave the concert.

While the Pakistanis were offended over it, it was also rumoured and reported by credible news sources that Atif clearly refused to hold Pakistani flag – perceiving to be a ‘threat’ to his career. People have also asked the government to take notice of this seemingly disrespectful behaviour.

However, the Twitter community is divided over it. While a segment is disappointed in Atif for what he did, some people who were physically present at the concert claim that media is only tarnishing his image. No one left the concert and the crowd, including Pakistanis, Indians and Bengalis really enjoyed the entire performance. They also said that the song was originally sung by Atif and belonged to him – hence calling his song Pakistani or Indian in itself is a vile approach. Here is what the social media community has to say:

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