Is Sajal Aly the ‘muse’ for Atif Aslam’s latest music video? Leaked picture surfaces online!

Here's what we know so far!

Fans are excited as Atif Aslam finally began shooting the video for his new song called Rafta Rafta. Recently, a still from the upcoming song video started doing rounds on social media.

The leaked photo from the sets of Rafta Rafta music video excited fans further as it made another interesting revelation!

Let’s take a look at the picture:

Could you guess what the hype is all about?

Sajal Aly is seen in the picture!

Rumor has it that the Pakistani starlet is all set to star in Atif Aslam’s upcoming song Rafta Rafta. Some fans are still unclear if ‘Rafta Rafta‘ is a new Atif Aslam track or his song from the Loveyatri motion picture soundtrack. Regardless, all fans can’t seem to tone down their excitement after seeing Sajal Aly alongside Atif Aslam.

Word is that the duo is currently in Skardu for the shoot. According to details, neither Atif Aslam nor Sajal Aly has confirmed the news yet.

Recap of Atif Aslam’s Latest Songs

Lately, the singer has released a few tracks including the song ’12 Bajay’ and his hit number ‘Raat’. The music video for 12 Bajay just showcased Atif Aslam jamming with his bandmates. On the other hand, Raat had a 9-minute long star-studded music video featuring Syra Yousuf and Kiran Malik, Mansha Pasha, Gohar Rasheed, and Khalid Malik. The video told the complete journey of struggling artists trying to become flourishing stars.

Atif Aslam also explored his music spiritually with covers of Hamds (Ode to God) and Naats (Ode to the Muslim Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]). He sang covers of Mustafa Jaan-e-Rehmat, Wohi Khuda Hai, and Tajdaar-e-Haram. He’s also been singing a lot of Qawwalis and Sufi tracks and was even featured in Abida Parveen’s ‘Pardadari‘.

With a rich music history like Atif Aslam’s fans are excited to see what this new music video has to bring to the table. Expectations have only soared now that Sajal Aly is in the picture (literally).

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