Atiqa Odho comes forward in support of Noman Ijaz’s controversial statement

Noman Ijaz is under heavy criticism after a clip from his year-old interview with Iffat Omar went viral on social media. The star made some insensitive jokes about infidelity, the #MeToo movement, and also confessed to cheating on his wife.

Many people raised their opinions on social media, and they weren’t in his favor. However, actress Zainab Qayyum also jumped on the bandwagon and called the veteran out for his ‘jokes’.

On the other hand, Ijaz’s co-star Atiqa Odho had a good laugh over his ‘infidelity joke’.

On her Facebook account, the actress wrote that Noman really knew how to get ‘people’s attention’. She said he was ‘naughty and entertaining’.

“Hats off to my buddy Rabia for also laughing it off, knowing her husband loves to poke people’s imagination”, Odho wrote.


Noman Ijaz became the center of attention after he said that he has had multiple affairs with women, despite being married.

He said that neither his wife nor the women’s husbands find out because he’s an ‘intelligent’ man. Ijaz said that if a woman is difficult to ‘deal with’, and also beautiful, then it is very easy for him to fall for her.

Speaking publically about having extramarital affairs and then normalizing it was an indecent thing of him to do. It left many people disappointed and rightfully so.

Watch Noman Ijaz’s clip here:

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