[VIDEO] Atiqa Odho talks about her experience of working with Omair Rana, says she felt 'uncomfortable' during romantic scenes

I have never seen Omair in this light, so it made me a little nervous.

Atiqa Odho’s performance in the famous drama serial Pyar Kay Sadqay continues to mesmerize the audience. Her character, Mansora, adds a lot to the serial and binds the story together. The fact that she portrayed it so well is why she received a lot of critical and commercial acclamation.

In a recent interview, Atiqa Odho commented on the most challenging scene she shot for Pyar Kay Sadqay:

For me, the first slightly romantic sequence with Omair Rana was challenging because I have known Omair as a friend. It wasn’t like working with Noaman Ijaz and Sajjid Hassan, with whom I have done a lot of romantic scenes. So, I was feeling a little awkward.

Talking about Omair shooting the sequence, Atiqa further added:

He was fabulous, he was very natural, and he was very comfortable. I never said this to him. I am saying this to you that I felt uncomfortable because I have never seen Omair in this light, so it made me a little nervous.

Atiqa also revealed about her fear regarding her character in the interview:

I called Farooq a few days back, and I said, ‘Farooq, I am terrified. I don’t know whether people would like Mansora or not because of the hype that has created, I hope people like what she does and what she decides to do in the end. Should we re-shoot it?’ But Farooq asked me to relax and said that nothing is going to happen.

She concluded by saying that anyone who works with Farooq Rind enjoys a lot.

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