Atlas Honda Announces New Prices For Bikes As The New Year Begins

Atlas Honda bike’s prices to rise this new year.

Although the new year happiness begins with many offers and incentives by many brands and companies, Atlas Honda has decided to turn the tide.

Reports state that the bike manufacturers will announce up to Rs. 3,000 increase in its bike prices on Monday. The prices of its bikes will start rising, starting the 4th of January 2021.

Atlas Honda is increasing the prices of its bikes.

Here is the breakdown of the Price Hike by Atlas Honda:

Honda CD70: After Rs. 1,000 increase in its old price of Rs. 76,900, the Honda CD70 will be for Rs. 79,500 with the new price increase.

Honda CD70 Dream: Following the price jump of Rs. 3,000, the bike will cost Rs. 85,500. 

Honda Pridor and CG125: Both these bikes are subject to Rs. 2,000 inflation, making their prices Rs. 110,500, and Rs. 131,900, respectively. 

Honda CG-125SE: As a result of the price rise of Rs. 2,600, the bike’s rate will go up to Rs. 159,500.

Here is a summary of the price increase in each Honda bike:

It should be noted that the rest of the Honda bikes will cost the same as last year; all other bikes will showcase no price increase.

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  • Na koi inhy puchna wala… Koi check and balance ni… Koi puch gaich ni… Jis company ka jitna dil krna… Prices increase kr dety han

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