Attacking Iran means opening the gates of hell – George Galloway

British Politician and commentator George Galloway in a video address explains how US attacking Iran will be huge mistake.

  • Attacking Iran means opening the gates of hell, says George Galloway.
  • Iran has powerful military capable of fighting back.
  • War will not be limited to Iranian Boarders.
  • Iran has greater influence throughout the Muslim world.
  • Iran has moral support from those western powers it struck Nuclear deal with.
George Galloway in a video address explained how US attacking Iran will be a huge mistake. Renowned British politician and political commentator known specially for his eloquent analysis and commentary on Muslim World Affairs has warned US that Iran is not Iraq and it is not 2003.

Mr. Galloway maintained that attacking Iran means opening the gates of hell. Tehran with its allies in the Gulf is much more capable than any of the other Muslim countries US picked fight with. He warned that US can spark “World War III” with an attack on Iran and they will live to regret it, because unlike Iraq in 2003, they are much more capable of fighting back and it will fight back.

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Tehran taking down Washington’s spy drone allegedly in their territory is only a manifestation of their resolve. He reminded that Iran has a popular leadership unlike Iraq and It will be a pleasure of Iranian people, military and civilian, to fight against the US and its allies.

Galloway says that any war-like situation will choke 35% of the global oil supply:



The outspoken politician of the Scottish origin, who famously took US lawmakers to the cleaners over the Iraq war and testified in front of the Senate in 2005, maintains that Iran has way larger sphere of influence than one may expect to range from militias inside Palestine, Hizb Ullah gorilla warriors in Lebanon and throughout the Persian Gulf. Also, Iran enjoys diplomatic support of those western powers who were in the nuclear deal with Iran and because everyone in the world expects the US agrees that Iran was complying to the deal. So the US is morally and diplomatically alone too.

Galloway insisted that in any war-like situation Iran will block the Strait of Hormuz choking 35% of the global oil supply causing a global crisis within weeks.


In a clear warning to US allies in the region like Qatar, UAE, and Saudia Arabia, Galloway gave emphasized that any country that helped the US and allows “its land to be used for the launching for an American attack on Iran will itself be immediately in flames.”

The former Labour MP concludes with the words:

No more war. No more war in the Gulf. No war on Iran.

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