Audit reveals corruption of Rs366.82 million by ECP during the 2018 elections

An audit has revealed massive ‘wasteful’ expenses by ECP including involving procurement without tenders and unauthorized payments.

  • The Auditor General of Pakistan’s report for the financial year 2017-2018 discloses that Rs366.82 million had been unnecessarily wasted by ECO during the elections.
  • AGP report says 202,239 ballot boxes were procured while shortfall was 87,077.


A 2017-2018 financial report published by the Auditor General of Pakistan reveals the number of rupees 366.82 million is wasted needlessly. Audit also discloses that  money was dissipated on the procurement of transparent ballot boxes and fold able screened off compartments.

Unnecessary usage of resources  

The management of the Election Commission of Pakistan purchased 202,239 ballot boxes with a shortfall of 87,077 generating a loss of Rs146.48 million. Likewise, with the shortfall of 207,478 foldable screened off compartments but ECP purchased 354,430 which resulted in the excess budget of 146,952 screens and caused a loss of Rs 220.341m says the report.

The report further says that according to the rules the contract must be awarded to the lowest financial bid that was of Rs228.32m but the contract was awarded to another firm at Rs257.24m, causing a loss of Rs28.9m.

It notes that the miscellaneous items were purchased from the same vendor without any open bidding.

There was no date mention in some of the bills and quotations of the suppliers which shows that the bills are fake.

Over payment

The report also mentions that during the 2018 elections the total number of finalized polling stations was 85.058. However, ECP released Rs433m as the transportation charges for 86,313 polling stations. which resulted in the overpayment of Rs7.77 million.

The audit also objects no audit statements and invoices of funds were provided to the provinces. It includes the payment of Rs533.02m to returning officers and district returning officers. A loss of Rs91.50m was caused due to unauthorized payments under the head of the honorarium, entertainment, and extra duty allowance.

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