Bushra Bibi’s dreams and Farah Gogi: Aun Chaudhry makes startling revelations [Video]

Aun Chaudhry and former PM Imran Khan

Former PM Imran Khan’s close friend Aun Chaudhry has made some startling revelations regarding the former first lady Bushra Bibi. Khan’s former advisor recently sat down for an interview with Saleem Safi.

Aun Chaudhry revealed that he was stopped from Imran Khan’s oath taking ceremony after someone at Bani Gala dreamt about it. He added that the former PM himself informed him through a message that he can not be there at his oath taking ceremony because someone has dreamt about it.

“I was hurt badly and thought was this the reward for my hard work? He sent the message at 2am and I have saved it on my phone. It is strange that decisions were made in the party on the basis of dreams,” Aun said.

Saleem Safi asked him if the person he is talking about Bushra Bibi. To which, the former advisor replied, “Everyone knows who is associated with such dreams and the implementation of work done because of these dreams.”

Chaudhry added that his only mistake was being loyal to Imran Khan. “Had I committed something wrong, I am sure Khan Saab would have said it to everyone within three seconds,” he said.

Imran Khan’s former best friend also accused Farah Gogi and her husband, Ahsan Jameel Gujjar, of running the Punjab government. He confirmed that he was sidelined for raising his voice against the “incompetent” CM Punjab.

Aun Chaudhry also recalled how Jahangir Tareen helped Imran Khan form governments in the Centre and Punjab. He stated that JKT paid for everything including Imran Khan’s sit-in at Islamabad. He also asked, “If Aleem was so notorious, why had you accepted him to your party?”

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  • It was already know to the circles in power that IK is trapped by his superstitious beliefs. Many journalists have pointed out it earlier in their opinion on Buzdar’s appointment and various different matters of government appointments. A country can’t be run on voodoos, IK should get a grip and use his senses to take decision, his wife has been a disaster so far for him.

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