Auqaf Department to install E-Machines at shrines to automate donation collection

The machines will be installed under a scheme called ‘Automated Collection of Donations at Shrines of Auqaf'


To control corruption and make processes smooth, Punjab’s Auqaf Department has decided to install E-Machines on shrines to automate donation collection. The devices will be installed at 15 shrines across the province initially to curb corruption in the collection process.

The machines will be installed under a scheme called ‘Automated Collection of Donations at Shrines of Auqaf’. The scheme aims at systemizing the donation process to reduce loopholes and chances of embezzlement.

During the first phase of the scheme, the devices will be installed in 15 shrines across the province. Following 8 popular ones are on the list as well:

  1. Lahore’s Data Darbar,
  2. Pir Makki,
  3. Hazrat Miyan Mir,
  4. Bibi Pak Daman,
  5. Shah Rukn-e-Aalam,
  6. Multan’s Shah Shams Tabrez,
  7. Pak Patan’s Baba Farid Shakar Ganj,
  8. Shah Dola in Gujrat.

After the new system is installed, they will be needing a thumb impression to receive the donations. Via this process, the donations will be recorded automatically. The step has been taken following last year’s audit report, which unearthed embezzlement of around 15 to 20 percent in total donation collection.

According to the reports, the Auqaf department receives over Rs. 900 million from 543 shrines across the province on an annual basis. Lahore’s Data Darbar gets around Rs. 350 to 380 million alone every year.

Chances for the success of the program are slim:

However, the experts think that the chances of the success of the program are minimal and quite slim. The reason primarily being the high cost. Around Rs. 1.6 to 2.5 million are required for the machines, while the uninterrupted supply of electricity is also a necessity as they cannot operate in absence of power, which is impossible in most of the cities due to load shedding.

The Auqaf department, on the other hand, has said that they are yet to finalize a contract with any company and it will be finalized after analyzing the performance of the gadgets.

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