Here’s a first look at this year’s Aurat March poster

The poster was shared on the official Instagram of the Aurat March Lahore.

aurat march poster

The Aurat March  organizers have revealed the poster for this year’s March, and the theme is ‘Women’s Health Crisis.’

The poster was shared on the official Instagram of the Aurat March Lahore.

Speaking to The Current, the designer of the poster, Shehzil Malik, said, “To know more about women’s health crisis, I reached out to a friend who works in the Public Health sector, and it helped me in the research.”

“I like to research before I draw something, especially if it is for the Aurat March or if it has something to do with Pakistani women in general,” she added.

Regarding the artwork, Shehzil said, “I didn’t want to portray women suffering, but rather picture a new reality where their health and well-being is a priority.”

She added that the initial sketches were all about the things happening inside women’s bodies, and those sketches gave an impression that there is something wrong with their bodies.

Shehzil wanted to show that an unhealthy environment that doesn’t support or prioritize women’s health has been adversely affecting them.

Answering a question on why the posters in the Aurat March gains attention, she said, “If people are getting irritated at posters, that’s alright because it helps start a conversation around toxic patriarchal norms.”

The March is scheduled to take place on the 8th of March, on International Women’s Day.

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  • in ki gand mein danda do Sab teek ho jaye ga. lagta hai is mulk ke mard ab gandu ban choke hai Tabi ye kharafat dekne ko mil rahi hai

  • I think this is very reasonable poster. Majority will support such cause. Of course, there will be very few who would oppose this and then these guys will say. Look, even if we provide reasonable posters they oppose it. Even though the majority would support but they will point out the few people and try to put the whole society as evil.

  • جو خواتین صحت کے مسائل سے دوچار ہیں ان تک نا یہ پوسٹر پہنچے گا نا ہی عورت مارچ سے ان کی صحت میی کوئی بہتری آئے گی

  • pahlay kapray utaray abhe to khaal he utar de kia baat hy ain aurat march waloon ke , yea karain gy aurtoon sy hamdardi, jub tuk yea fazal ur Rahman or mufti qawi type ky molvi zinda hain or ain ky supporter bhe to aise aurat march waly bhe aatay rahain gy

    Quran o Sunnat sy duur janay ka maza chakho yahan bhe or ,….

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