Aurat March: Women have these 15 demands

Here is a list of fifteen demands:

The Aurat March manifesto was launched on Thursday, and it revolves around the independence of women.

These are the fifteen demands:

  • An end to IMF-sponsored economic policies and budgets cuts, as well as immediate control of inflation of food items.
  • A minimum wage of PKR 40,000 and the provision of secure and equal workplaces.
  • Decriminalization of defamation laws to guarantee they are not used to silence survivors of sexual abuse.
  • An extended classification of the workplace in anti-harassment laws to include self-governing contractors and informal labor.
  • Illegalization of domestic violence across the country.

  • Ensuring that 18 as the minimum marriageable age for all persons and stop forced religious conversion.
  • Modifications to anti-harassment laws and sexual abuse laws to include all genders as possible complainants.
  • Concrete actions taken by the state to control child sexual abuse and mistreatment through operative laws.
  • Anti-discrimination laws to ensure no one is targeted based on sex, sexuality, race, disability or class.
  • Demilitarization of campuses in the name of security.
  • Justice for families of missing persons.
  • Kashmir’s right to self-determination.
  • Community-led instructions to deal with violence caused by the state and non-state actors, with an emphasis on gender-based violence
  • Effective implementation of the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act 2017.
  • All laws imposing on civic freedoms, such as freedom of expression, assembly, to be instantly revoked, and an end to censorship of media and online spaces.

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  • All demands of Khooni Liberals.

    Kashmir self determination would be given by Endia not Pak

  • Tum aik akliyat jamat ho. Tum ko ye haq hasil nahi kay tum apnay faiday kay liay dosri orto ko khrab karo. Agar tumhi dar hai kay tum 20 25 orto ko mashray me badnam kia jay ga to tumhara pass aik rasta hai bahir kisi mulk me ja sakti ho waha to homosex bhi jaiz hai mazay karo.

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