Australia: Pakistani woman scams an entire neighborhood of $5 million

Even the people closest to you can betray you. The Pakistani residents of Australia witnessed a real-life incident recently which has made them believe in this quote so much more.

A video went viral on social media calling out well-known Australian community member and owner of a posh clothing selection, Amina Muhammad, for scamming people. The video details an account of how the woman scammed 30 members of a community in the name of “committees”.

According to details, Amina Muhammad has conned people for approximately $5 million.

The Pakistani-Australian victims have now taken to social media to call out the scammer and beware other people to steer clear of any involvement in her committee schemes. Sharing her story on Facebook, a victim of the scam said:

Amina Muhammad was first a resident of Craigieburn, but later she moved to Glen, Waverly. And then it all began.

How did Amina Muhammad scam an entire neighborhood?

According to reports, Amina Muhammad befriended the Pakistani community of Glen, Waverly as soon as she moved to the area. She used to invite many Pakistani students to her luxurious home on various religious occasions for dinner and eventually became their older sister.

As time went on, she started inviting families to her home for religious gatherings and pitched them the committee idea. Since people had started trusting her, they decided to give Amina Muhammad their money for the committee.

However, they couldn’t believe themselves when Amina Muhammad fled after collecting money from the community residents. The woman looted the hard-earned money of many Pakistanis residing in Australia, including sole traders, business people, housewives, students, and more.

After losing millions of dollars, the Australian-Pakistani community has taken to Facebook to spread the word so the scammer woman cannot target any more people. These people also hope that social media will become their weapon in locating the run-away woman or attracting the attention of authorities so they can get their money back.

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  • I am an Australian citizen in the United States. I came to USA from Australia in mid-January, 2020. In March 2020, WHO declared the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, I have not been able to return due to travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines upon arrival.

    My wife was a very well-respected person in the Melbourne community. She helped students and others in need of lump sum cash by honestly managing a “committee contribution”. She cooked and distributed food for them during Ramadan.

    She also runs her import/export business of linen from Pakistan to Australia. She has been recognized for her entrepreneurial spirit and motivation for other women. I am not a partner or shareholder or involved in her business.

    Due to circumstances beyond her control, the most recent investments have not materialized due to COVID-19 restrictions in place at various levels.

    When the investors created panic and started harassing her, she informed me. They stressed her out by continuously calling her, coming to the house, and having someone monitor her movements in a car parked in front of the house. She got hospitalized at Royal Melbourne Hospital. I spoke to the doctor and she advised me to take her out of this stressful situation as soon as possible as she is at high risk of a heart attack when her blood pressure shoots up. I could potentially lose her.

    Following her departure, videos and photos got posted which included her son and me who have nothing to do with the business transactions.

    You can also independently verify how much a container of bedsheets and towels costs from any factory in Pakistan. It is less than 1 crore PKR. The figure of $5 million you have posted is highly inflated.

    Once her condition stabilizes, I will file a defamation lawsuit for myself and my son for the remainder of our lives. The court may limit the penalties on you to the number of views beyond today’s count. If we get a favorable judgment, it may be imposed on the assets of people involved in producing, promoting, and hosting the defamatory material.

    All evidence will be presented in court. If you will be among the defendants, I require your mailing address.

    If you remove this article, I will not include you in the lawsuit and the matter will be amicably resolved between us.

    I am advised not to produce any “response videos or articles”.

      • Prove it, give me your name and address so O can serve you a legal notice to allow you to prove fraud in the court.

      • Explaining the situation is not cowardness. Please provide me your name and address if you are not a coward so that I will include you in the lawsuit and see how brave your are to defend them in court.

    • What an idiot, many of the affectees clearly had no link to her business, but got scammed in committees. Rather than saying once her wife’s condition get better, she will come back and return the money this besharam person is sending out legal threats

      • Explain to me how can a committee of 20,000 dollars distributed monthly, is equal to 5 million dollars. If you can figure this out, you are not an idiot.

        • I never mentioned 5million cause you need to be much smarter to scam ppl off 5million. But there is no reason to stop committee mid way. It is very likely that comittee money was used to fund the business with a good intention to return to all partied at a later date and when business lost money baji escaped

          • I invite you to join the lawsuit to prove your point in court. Please write your name and email address so that you can also be served the legal notice with committee defendants.

          • My sincere advice, since the matter is out in public (unfortunately), hiding behind lawsuit will bring even more shame and disrepute. If there is no wrong doing on ur end, best would be to come out in public and explain ur side with evidence.

          • We should have a public judicial website, where they bring their documents, agreements, bank statements, their previous profits, and we have a public jury to give a verdict.

    • I read an article about you that you used to prescribe “opioids” to your patients which is so dangerous that’s why Australian government suspended you and you ran away to US. Your wife scammed so many people they are crying for their hard earned money and here you are giving threats to not defame you?? You seriously need some mental help along with your wife, just wait and watch till those articles and videos get million views and the whole world will know about your fraud if you don’t return the money sooner.. Allah ki laathi mai bhi der hai Andher nahe! And yes make your jannah in this temporary world lekin jitni bud duayen wahan leke jaoge you will not be spared. Ask for forgiveness from people and return their money instead of giving threats!!

      • Those who defame me will pay me in the Hereafter. Nobody gave me money which I have to pay back. Send me any proof from anyone who paid me anything in this matter. I will take your namaz, roza credits in the Hereafter for false accusations. The more you write, the more you will pay me in Aakhirat.

        • Wow!! so now you don’t want people to write about your scam because you will take their namaz roza in Akhirat! and what about you scammers who have taken innocent people’s money will you be not taken in jahannum?? Like I said you need some serious mental help you are a clear case of narcissistic personality disorder who doesn’t want to admit their mistakes and still talking about Qayamat/Akhirat do you even fear the Akhirat ?? the parents who invested in committee because of their kids, small babies of the family their education their health are crying everyday!! khilao apnay bachon ko haram dekhna kya krte hain wo tumhare sath! And yes the more I write the more people will know about your scam im NOT scared of scammers like you ! I’ll keep spreading videos and articles about you! bus sir jee buhat use krlia religion ko apne, apne scam k liye ab threats k liye bhi religion ko use krhe ho!! Apni akhirat k barey mai kabhi seriously sochna!!

          • Write as much as you want. Allah knows the truth and Allah will do justice against those who write falsehood without seeing the evidence.

    • Hi Mahmood Ahmed,

      Thanks for this detailed response.
      I would very much so like to be listed as a defendant in the court case. Unfortunately, I don’t wish to publically list my name and email address. I hope you can understand that.

      Do you have a central email address where I can forward my details? Thanks!

      Please get back to me ASAP.

      Kind Regards,

  • Instead of paying back to the victims, this con man copy pasted fabricated story. If u read it carefully u can find his lies quite easily. I am pretty sure this man used his wife for all this fraud.
    He is asking peoples address for serving a defamation notice but stuck in USA.
    Hundreds of thousands may have lost their hard earned money but he is worried pictures has been released.
    I think community need to file a police case to get his family arrested including him until proven not guilty.
    These kind of richies embarrass the whole nation but they dont feel shame because of their moral corruption. Its a shame he shd be arrested in USA.

    • Yes, sir come forward with evidence, not just your assumptions and feelings. When you file your reports against me, you will need to bring evidence. If you lose your investments in the stock market, you can file your case with the police so they can go after the owners of companies who went into loss. When there is enough evidence of maliciousness, they launch an investigation.

  • Look at your names
    #Amina Muhammad and #Mahmood Ahmed
    Both sur names are relate to Muhammad “PBUH” and then look at your fraud and attitude. If u guys think u both are cleanhanded just come forward and talk face to face those 30 or more person been ripped off from u guys and not to advice legal threats of defamation notices. Shame on you

    • Where and on which platform do you want me to come forward and talk? Who will be the host? A judge or jury?

  • In business losses can happen. She should talk to all investors rather than hiding. If there is loss in business why she escaped with committees and what about visa frauds. What about money laundering, she was using students and sending money overseas. Using hundi system as well. And list goes on. U can defend 1 thing but not everything. Even you are not her husband as she is using her 1st husband name on her passport.

    • They threatened her life. When she recovers, she will through her legal counsel. She is using her first husband’s name with my consent on her passport. I am legally married to her in Australia, not in Pakistan. There are several steps to make that happen on a Pakistan passport. I personally think that the father’s name should be the only name. Husbands can be changed.

      • U r such a shameless person that you allowed her to use her 1st husband name. She is not widowed. She is divorced with him. What about mufti Sahab of Sialkot whom she fraud in 2012. Mufti Sahab is still working hard and paying back money. It’s a rs 2 crore fraud she did. We are working with Pakistani media and willl bring all these facts on Pakistani media as well. She is not even PR or citizen of Australia. We have done her vevo check and she is on bridging visa A. If u r Australian citizen as u claimed and she is ur wife than why u didn’t sponsor her ? Answer is simple bcoz neither u r Australian citizen nor her husband. So stop making fool to us. Allah nay rassi daraz ki hoi thee aur ab khench lee hy. Ur conclusion is about to come. Just wait and see.
        Ur licensed is cancelled and u can’t practise now.

        • Allah has protected her life and she is safe. You have admitted to yourself you are a fool in your statement.

        • So the plot thickens, wohi na, if loss incured in business, then why stop committee. the least she couldve done was to handover committe managment to another member and disclose who has been paid so rest could keep rotation going. Like the affectee mentioned in video, she never provided evidence who was paid that month. All this fraudster platoon is doing is just regurgitating same story that lost money due to covid. No remorse or intention to pay back.

        • I m related to Amina,s :ex -ex husband. She got married twice before she married with this man name: Mahmood: if you want any information about her from day one just contact me please I will be able to tell who she is where she is right now, my what’s app number is. +33758712376,

  • @Mahmood Ahmed, it is very clear from your post that your wife used committe funds in her business which is Khayanat.

    And rather than being apologetic you are threatening others, which clearly shows your bad character.

    May Allah reward all of you, your wife and the victims according to your intentions (Niyyah). Aameen

    • Dear Imran, if you know how committees work, funds are distributed monthly. Those who get paid first are responsible for continuing payments. There is no cash in hand except for a month. For example, if she had 12 members putting in 2000 each, the maximum she would be able to use is 24,000 in a month before she pays the next person in line. I fail to understand how she converted $24,000 into $5 million.

      • Because that was not the only avenue from she collected the money. She claimed to be running many businesses and collected a lot of money from different individuals. Religion was used for the gullible folks of course.

        • Do the math for a $6.7 million AUD monthly committee for 20 people, how much each person has to contribute to get a $6.7 million committee?

  • Mr. Mahmood,
    why don’t you show up your address in the USA and I will show you how to send the legal notice, You are copying and pasting the same messages to all the people.

  • Getting interesting now.

    Person who can afford to live in Glen Waverley mansion owes money to people? Which i believe was rented? That house was last sold in 2016! Definitely not owned by the last occupant.

    I hope it goes to court because it will open a can of worms! And the sh*%t will get real!

    If you’re running business in Australia, one should have a business structure covering all legal requirements i-e Taxes, wages and all books and records should be available, if requested by the authorities.

    I would suggest both to parties should come forward and instead of making assumptions, blaming and defending yourselves on the social media or other forums, let the court of law decide.

    • In addition….

      I don’t understand why people invest without any Due Diligence?

      Ask yourself would a successful business person will ask for your investment????

      I leave it to that…..

      • Dear Name, I would ask these 20 people who contribute to a 67 lac Australian dollar a month committee why can’t they do business themselves?

    • You are aboslutely correct. The court is the correct avenue, not life threats what they did.

      • Daaktar Mahmood saab! Seems like you have a very good experience of getting dragged through the legal proceedings through your suspension of licenses over the years at the hands of different licensing bodies. Masha Allah, you have a very good history of dancing around the law and getting burnt in the process. Waisay yeh 2 numbri aap nay Scam Baji ko sikhai hai ya unhon nay aap ko sikhai hai? Waisay Daaktar sab, bari zor ka aik naya idiom aa raha hai, agar ijazat ho tou kar doon…. Daaktar saab pichwara bachatay bachatay, agwara kata bethay…

  • Some corrections:

    Dr Ahmad medical license first suspended in Alaska USA. and the above article is about suspension of his license in Australia,
    Basically after Medical board of Australia find out about his license suspended in Alaska, there was an investigation in Australia as well. So his License suspended here in Asutralia as well.

    Read above article and see what were the finding .

    Check his registration do not exist in Australia.

    he seems to be running a mainly cash Pill mill in Alaska: for drug addicts….

    follows from investigation:

    He agreed he was misinformed when investigators told him Dr Ahmad’s practice was cash only; he said he subsequently learnt that cash represented the main rather than the sole payment form.

    We were not impressed by Dr Ahmad as a witness. He gave inconsistent evidence in a number of respects, including why he gave patients who had inconsistent urine tests the same high doses. He appeared cavalier about the risk of diversion of the prescribed controlled substances. He gave us the same justification for his prescribing as he gave to Judge Mandala – that no one died. He stated that he regarded it as the patient’s responsibility to obtain patient records. He failed to explain satisfactorily, in our view, the similarities in his assessments, the similarities in the dosages prescribed, and his failure to undertake and record mental health assessments in a number of patients where it was indicated, particularly in the case of BK. He appeared cavalier about the risks to his patients of prescribing such high doses of controlled substances, particularly where they had been prescribed in combination without scheduled follow-up within a short period of time, stating that they could present to emergency if needed.
    He maintained that he had prescribed the “appropriate” dose for each patient based on his assessment as an experienced pain physician.
    On that issue, we accept the opinion of Dr Stacey, supported by the patient records themselves, which show uniformly high starting doses regardless of variances in the age, self-reported history, and self-reported current conditions of the patients.
    There was little, if any, variance in the dosages of controlled substances prescribed for the 8 patients whose records we saw despite the fact that those patients range from a 22-year-old mother of three with a BMI of 17 to a man in his late 60s who Dr Ahmad treated for obesity; patients with no reported prior opioid history to patients with extensive self-reported history of opioids, other controlled substances and illicit substances; and whether or not the patients had inconsistent urine test results – inconsistent meaning medications previously prescribed by Dr Ahmad were not evident in the urine.
    There was also a pattern in the records of continuing to prescribe high doses of controlled substances regardless of whether the patient reported any relief. An example is the patient BK referred to in the Alaskan judgment. During her first consultation she reported very high pain scores, indicating that the pain was so severe she was contemplating suicide. At her last consultation, she rated her pain as being 9/10 notwithstanding she had been prescribed methadone and oxycodone for many months. Dr Stacey’s opinion was that Dr Ahmad should have considered changing the diagnosis to pain not responsive to opioid therapy. In cross examination, Dr Ahmad maintained that his original diagnosis was correct.
    We were unable to accept the evidence of Dr Ahmad that he had a sufficient medical basis for his practice of prescribing high doses, in circumstances where in each of the cases reviewed by Dr Stacey, Dr Ahmad did not at any time have any prior medical records for the patients, did not have any verified information about previous controlled substance prescriptions, including when, and for how long the patient had previously taken controlled substances, when they were discontinued, why they were discontinued, and what were any adverse reactions to them; and did not until February or March 2016 access the PDMP database.
    Further, we were unable to accept Dr Ahmad’s evidence that in determining the starting dose he had relied upon the previous dosage levels self-reported by patients and then halved that, in circumstances where his records of assessment do not contain any notation of any previous dosage levels reported by the patient.

    Serious risk?

    Dr Ahmad denies that he has engaged in any wrong doing. He regards himself as a very experienced pain medicine practitioner who can reach an accurate diagnosis very quickly, considers that he is entitled to accept a new patient’s self-reported history without needing to obtain prior medical records, and considers that the fact that none of his patients have died from overdose is evidence that his prescribing is appropriate.
    We have preferred, however, the evidence of Dr Stacey, supported by the patient records, that Dr Ahmad has engaged in reckless and dangerous prescribing practices accompanied by a serious risk of harm or fatality to his patients, or, in the case of the real possibility of diversion of the prescribed drugs, to others.
    We observe that the evidence before us was consistent with the evidence before Judge Mandala in the Alaskan proceedings and supports real concerns almost identical in nature to those expressed by her Honour.
    There is, clearly in our view, a strong basis in the objective evidence in this case for a reasonable belief that Dr Ahmad’s performance as a medical practitioner poses a serious risk to persons. To the extent that we need to do so, we are satisfied that the Board had sufficient objective evidence before it to form that belief. Relevantly to our decision, we have formed that belief ourselves.
    The matters which support this view are in summary
    The prescription of controlled substances at the first appointment, for all patients in the records reviewed for this proceeding and in the Alaskan proceeding
    at uniformly high and dangerous starting doses
    often in dangerous combination with other controlled substances
    in circumstances where Dr Ahmad did not seek or insist on receiving patient records and images or otherwise verifying patients’ self-reported history in respect of controlled or illicit substances and he did not access the PDMP database
    in circumstances where the patient records strongly suggest inadequate assessment and unsupported diagnoses and
    the nature of his practice in Alaska meant that he did not return for a follow-up appointment for a month.
    We agree with the submission of the Board that the material before us indicates a lack of sound professional judgment and a reckless practice of medicine.
    Necessary to take immediate action to protect public health or safety?

    In his response to the Board in June 2016, Dr Ahmad described his practice in Australia at that time as follows:
    He prescribes almost no medication in Australia
    He has two areas of practice. The first is a medico-legal practice where he performs independent evaluations of claimants who have had worker’s injuries or motor vehicle accidents for the appropriateness of their medical care. These are independent evaluations which are performed by reviewing medical records, taking history from the patient, performing a physical examination, and giving his independent opinion. He does that clinic one day a month in Melbourne. He has no responsibility to treat these claimants and therefore does not prescribe.
    He also has a pain clinic practice one day a month. This clinic is with a group of family practice physicians who refer patients to him. He oversees their pain management and gives his recommendations or performs interventional procedures. He does not have to prescribe any Schedule 8 medications in Australia unless, very unusually, it is needed for one or two weeks – just long enough for them to see their primary care physician.
    He also practises anaesthetics as a locum anaesthetist from time to time. This does not involve prescribing Schedule 8 medications.
    We are mindful that Dr Ahmad has practised in Australia since 2005 without incident. We disagree with the submission made in Dr Ahmad’s written submissions after the hearing that nothing suggests that Dr Ahmad has suddenly changed – we consider that the evidence suggests that Dr Ahmad has in recent years commenced engaging in medicine in a dangerous way.
    We acknowledge Dr Ahmad’s view that the series of regulatory actions taken against him have originated from the complaints of ‘a handful of pharmacists in Anchorage’. On the evidence before us, however, the concerns of the pharmacists recorded in the Alaskan judgment were supported by the matters found on investigation.
    It is our considered view that the material before us raised serious questions about Dr Ahmad’s professional judgment, and indicated an apparently reckless disregard for patient safety that potentially puts all patients seen by him or referred to him by other doctors at risk.
    We agree with the submission of the Board that the class of persons placed at risk is large and includes all patients who approach him for assessment and treatment, the patients of other doctors who might seek Dr Ahmad’s specialised opinion on pain management, and patients who receive anaesthesia from him in a surgical setting, because each of these roles requires a practitioner to have sound professional judgment.
    The fact that none of his patients in Alaska have been the subject of reported overdoses or deaths does not reassure us. Risk is not determined by actual outcome.
    We consider that immediate action is, and at the time of the Board’s decision, was, necessary to protect public health and safety.
    As a separate matter, for the purposes of 156(1)(d) of the National Law, we consider that immediate action is warranted on the basis of the suspension of Dr Ahmad’s registration in Alaska, because of the reasons for that suspension as set out in the Alaskan judgment.
    Continue in practice as an anaesthesiologist?

    Dr Ahmad submitted that the suspension imposed by the Board was the maximum rather than the minimum regulatory action required to manage any risk presented by his practice. He submitted that his practice could safely be limited to anaesthesia and that he would give an undertaking to that effect. He referred to the fact that others are present in an operating theatre environment.
    The Board submitted that the minimum regulatory action required to manage the risk posed by Dr Ahmad is suspension and that any other form of immediate action would not sufficiently manage the serious risk posed in this case.
    We are mindful that it is a guiding principle of the National registration and accreditation scheme that restrictions on the practice of a health profession are to be imposed under the scheme only if it is necessary to ensure health services are provided safely and are of an appropriate quality.
    We are also mindful of the observation made in Kozonoglu, referred to above that, while the safety of the public must necessarily be the prime concern, safety should be secured with as little damage to the practitioner as is consistent with its maintenance.
    We have considered whether such a limit on practice, including a prohibition on the prescription of Schedule 8 drugs, would sufficiently manage the risk posed.
    We agree with Dr Ahmad’s submission that the Alaskan judgment did not concern Dr Ahmad’s practice in anaesthesia, and that Dr Stacey did not review Dr Ahmad’s practice in anaesthesia
    We agree that the practice of anaesthesia involves a different practice environment, namely an operating theatre where the anaesthetist is one of a team.
    Nevertheless, it involves pre-operation consultation and assessment, the administration of anaesthetic drugs and close monitoring of the patient.
    Sound professional judgment, regard for patient welfare, proper assessment, and an absence of recklessness about risk to the patient remain integral. The risk to the patient of an error of judgment or failure in standards by an anaesthsitist are high.
    We do not consider that the presence of others in the operating theatre, with important roles requiring their attention and concentration, sufficiently mitigates the risk.
    For these reasons we do not consider that the offered limitations will sufficiently manage the risk posed, and agree with the decision of the Board that suspension is the minimum regulatory action required in this case.

  • So final registration suspension order :

    His Medical registration in Australia has been canceled:


    For the reasons above, and with the primacy of patient safety in mind, we find in summary that:
    There is power to take immediate action under the National Law on two bases:
    Dr Ahmad’s registration has been suspended under the law of a jurisdiction, namely Alaska, that is not a participating jurisdiction (s 156(1)(d)); and
    It is reasonable to believe, as the Board did and as we do, that because of Dr Ahmad’s performance he poses a serious risk to persons and it is necessary to take immediate action to protect public health or safety (s156(1)(a)).
    In all the circumstances the discretion should be exercised to take immediate action; and
    As a result of the breadth of concerns identified, immediate action in the form of suspension is the minimum regulatory action required to protect public health or safety.
    We confirm the decision by the Board to take immediate action in the form of suspension of registration.

    E Wentworth

    Presiding Member

  • To clarify people the pain medication , opioid based and others, are drugs of addiction , like heroin, morhphine type.

    So they are not just used for pain control but for drug addiction as well.

    In Australia , its a big issue. The issues is not that these opiods base drugs can kill if taken in really high dose, the major issue is they can destroy a person life my making him drug addict.

    And while prescribing these drugs its important to think whether the patient pretending to be in pain , is actually selling these drugs.

    So it means prescribing these drugs on cash based consults, where the patient might not be using Private health insurance (in America not a good Medicare system) might mean that some if not all of them might be selling these prescribed drugs.

    Thats definitely like running a Heroine business…

    And the finding in above case clearly shows that This Dr Ahmad was not prescribing these medical appropriately even when knowing the dangers associated with such reclass prescribing….

    I am not sure how the system work in America. If Knowing about his malpractices in Alaska can become a reason for his registration cancellation in Australia, then how he would still be working in another American stat.

    People need to do some research.

    Also can anyone check his Visa status through VIVO as at the start of his conversation he mentioned he is an Australian Citizen, while he mention in court case that he hardly prescribed such medications in Australia.

    He has been living in America since 1993, so when and how he got Australia Citizenship…

    I wonder on those people who were investing in her business , whether they ever checked that what kind of visa she hold. Specially those who were investing for a sponsorship from her business , did they bother to check her own citizenship before.

    Also whenever some of my friend or relative buy a house, I first check it on realstate website that in how much they bought. When she moved from Craigiburn to Glen waverly saying people that she bought that house, did anyone bothered to check the owner of the business in which they are investing , how much she spent on buying that house.

    Seriously so many intelligent people, some of those who have their own businesses running , has been fooled in such a way….

    Although i am a witness but still its feels like something unbelievable..

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