[VIDEO] Australian comedian slammed after making a 'joke' about Christchurch Terror Attack

The performance sparked a wave of outrage and fierce online debate as it was labeled insensitive.

Isaac Butterfield, the famous Australian comedian with 1.45 million subscribers on YouTube, joked about the mosque shootings in New Zealand’s Christchurch in his recent comedy act.

The performance sparked a wave of outrage and fierce online debate as it was labeled insensitive:

The Director of the Australian Centre of Islamic Finance Almir Colan took to Twitter and slammed Butterfield:

In response to Colan’s tweets, Butterfield posted a length video on his YouTube channel to justify his joke.

Butterfield said:

The keyword is ‘joke’. It is not real; it is make-believe. I don’t feel like that, but that is what comedy is. It is people going on stage and telling people jokes. Was the joke rude, horrible, mean, and offensive? Yes. And that is the point.

Butterfield further explained his actions by stating that he does not want to be a mainstream comedian who jokes about basic things.

He aspires to be like Ricky Gervais, Jim Jeffries, and Frankie Boyle. He believes that this goal can only be accomplished if he skirts the boundaries of comedy.

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  • ایک خنزیر نما بے غیرت سے آپ اس قسم کی بے ہودگی کی توقعات نہ رکھینگے تو اور کیا رکھنگے ،؟

  • He is a jew therefore.
    Wish he could joke about the holocaust victims as well. Would see how tasteful that have been for the audience.

  • This jew is making fun of Muslims, I am not surprised. but If any muslim would say anything against the holocaust then out of rage he will become mad.

  • what a filthy disgusting human being he is.
    shouldn’t even be called a human being.

  • Can he tell this joke on stage ?
    Come man it is just a joke. Means it is NOT a fact. Why Moron JEWS can’t understand, it is just a JOKE. means not a fact. So here is the joke

    What’s the difference between a Jew in the oven and a pizza?
    The pizza doesn’t scream because it’s a pizza. And the Jew doesn’t scream because he’s already been gassed to death before being put in the oven.
    Also, the pizza wasn’t incinerated by other pizzas whose entire families had been killed, during which time they were forced into horrific slave labor by the garlic knots.

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