Pakistani Mangoes Are Representation Of Its Culture, Art, Poetry And Literature, Says Australian Diplomat

The Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan, Dr. Geoffrey Shaw, is a fan of Pakistani mangoes. His love for Pakistan\\’s beloved fruit grows every day. As soon as the mango season hits Pakistan, he is one of the first few ones to feed on the delicacy the season provides.

Dr. Geoffrey recently took to Twitter and expressed his love for Pakistani mangoes by posting a tweet on his official twitter account: @AusHCPak. According to him, Pakistan\\’s culture, art, poetry, and literature is intrinsically represented by mangoes. He tweeted: “Savouring the Pakistani \\’aam\\’, my favorite summer fruit, that\\’s an intrinsic part of Pakistan\\’s culture, art, poetry, and literature.”

Dr. Geoffrey gave mangoes a status of representing Pakistan\\’s culture, and he also regarded the fruit as his favorite of all summer fruits. Moreover, he said:

Pakistan is the world\\’s sixth-largest exporter of mangoes, with its delicious and juicy #mangoes becoming increasingly popular in Australia.

It is evident from Dr. Geoffrey\\’s tweet that sooner or later, the entire of Australia would fall in love with the Pakistani mangoes just as he has fallen heads over heels for the fruit.

\\’Pakistani mangoes\\’ have captured the hearts of various other diplomats. Many have found \\’new love\\’ in this fruit, as they fell victim to its irresistible taste and quality. This boundless love highlights the immense popularity of \\’Pakistani mangoes\\’ in diplomacy. In this regard, it is rightful to say that if \\’mango diplomacy\\’ becomes a thing, it will not be a surprise.

Recently, Pakistan International Airlines reduced fares to boost mangoes export. Maybe this is the first step towards mango diplomacy.

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  • its funny that india and pak are right beside each other but some how Pakistani mangoes taste much better.

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