Authorities Blocked Thousands of Websites For Provoking Hate

The government under the national action plan has blocked thousands of websites provoking hatred among the masses. This was told during a meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence.

According to the details, National Counter Terrorism Authority (Nacta)  informed the standing committee on defence that it had received over seventeen thousand of complaints against different websites provoking hate. NACTA during it’s briefing informed that 2,273 sites were blocked over hate material, another 1,943 sites over hate speeches. while 68 other sites were blocked over it’s links with terrorism.

Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority told that most of the websites were being operated from outside the country. They were blocked following the information PTA received from different sources. He added that as many as 31 agencies help the telecommunication authority in identifying objectionable content.

“So far, 900,000 sites and posts have been blocked, out of which more than 800,000 sites and posts were related to pornography,” Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority stated.

Chairman PTA, however, admitted that not everything on the internet can be blocked. While on the other hand Defence Minister Mr. Parvez Khattak didn’t seemed much pleased with PTA and NACTA. He stated that the two institutions have failed to tell us regarding the step they have taken to prevent such crimes. Mr. Khattak also expressed his dissatisfaction over the step being taken to counter cyber crimes. He directed the authorities to come up with a comprehensive plan when the committee meets next time.

Parvez Khattak added that the government will make legislation where it is necessary.

Furthermore, the National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence was informed that over 98 lac unregistered sim cards were also blocked. Out of the total blocked sim cards, 340,000 were possessed by foreign nationals.

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