Ayesha Gulalai Reponds To Imran Khan’s CNN Interview

Ayesha Gulalai is in the spotlight for a while now. After accusing Imran Khan, her former party’s chairman, of sexually harassing her and sending her inappropriate texts back in 2013.
MNA and a former member of PTI have been a hot topic after her accusations in the news as well as social media.


However, she is still unsuccessful in providing any substantial proofs against Khan but is very active in bashing his statements and stance particular to any matter.

She showed a similar response to Imran Khan’s recent interview with CNN.
Khan made blunt statements and cleared his stance after Trump’s allegations of Pakistan playing a role in supporting terrorism in the region.
He, in his series of tweets and later in his formal interview, showed a very rigid response, saying that it’s about time that we say NO to becoming the scapegoat of India’s and America’s policy failures.

Don’t know what we are talking about? Watch Imran Khan’s interview with CNN here:


Soon after his interview, Ayesha Gulalai recorded a video message responding to Khan’s interview. She said that politicians in national and provincial governments are busy in verbally bashing and criticising America.
However, they are not practically doing anything and are only delivering lengthy speeches on television.
She further said that we need a reality check and see that till now, we have failed in formulating even a single budget without IMF’s aid.

She said that politicians are responding to Trump’s tough talk in an unforgiving manner, but they have themselves failed to fulfill even a single promise that they made during the elections.

Gulalai blamed that politicians only make fake commitments to get votes and their competency can be well reflected by the fact that they have failed to even cater the basic needs like providing clean water and quality education.

She said that we have no proper policy and strategy to cater the needs of farmers especially when we are an agricultural economy.
Ayesha appreciated western event of ‘thanksgiving,’ a national holiday in Canada, America and Liberia to show gratitude towards the farming community and celebrate the blessings of the harvest.

In her completely out of the context response, Gulalai is seen appreciating the western culture that she previously accused Imran Khan of propagating and supporting in Pakistan.

A little ironic, isn’t it?


Watch Ayesha Gulalai’s complete video message here:




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