Ayesha Omer & Yasir Hussain Team Up For a Netflix Movie About Pakistan’s Most Notorious Serial Killer

Javed Iqbal KillerAyesha Omer and Yasir Hussain have teamed up for an upcoming Netflix movie on Pakistan’s most notorious serial killer, Javed Iqbal. The infamous serial killer admitted to killing more than hundred young boys in Lahore in 1999.

Sharing the details about the film, in an interview with Dawn, Ayesha Omer said that the filming has already started. She added that the film will be in two parts and the first part is going to be 1 hour 30 minutes long.

Speaking about the storyline of the film, the Karachi Se Lahore actress said that it revolves around the investigation into Javed Iqbal’s case, his confession and the way he was interrogated.

Regarding her character, Ayesha Omer stated that she will be playing the role of a female police officer who leads the interrogation.

“It will be a fiction based on true events. For example, there was no female officer interrogating Javed Iqbal but in his film it is a female officer. The rest of the events are based on Javed Iqbal the serial killer and are true,” she said.

Yasir Hussain will be playing the role of Javed Iqbal in the film. Ayesha Omer lauded the other actors working on the project. Moreover, she is all praise for the screenplay writer and director of this film, Abu Aleeha.

He’s a very smart, intelligent man who knows what he’s doing and knows his script,” the actor described. “I was very impressed with the homework they had done,” she said.

More Details about the film:

According to the leading lady of the film, they are trying to wrap up the shooting of the film as soon as possible and want it to be ready by the end of September.

While talking about whether they will be able to get Netflix to stream it on their platform, Ayesha Omer said that they will have to see because the streaming giant has a number of procedures.

It is for Netflix. The film needs to be completed, then they look at it and then they approve it,” she explained.

The Bulbulay star added that if its not approved by Netflix then it will be screened in the Pakistani cinemas.

Javed Iqbal:

He is considered to be the country’s most notorious serial killer having confessed to over hundred murders. In November 1999, he let the police know about his crimes when he sent them all the details of it through parcels. It contained evidence and pictures of his victims. 

Furthermore, he had also left two human skeletons in an acid-filled container at the house. The police also recovered nine bags which had clothes and shoes of the victims.

I had sexually assaulted 100 children before killing them, and had disposed of their bodies in barrels of acid,” he confessed in one of his letters to the police.

He was found dead in his jail cell on October 9, 2001.

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