Minar-e-Pakistan Harassment Case: Ayesha And Rambo’s Leaked Audio + All Latest Updates

Sources state that the recorded conversation has been extracted from TikToker Ayesha and Rambo's phones.

TikToker Ayesha and arrested culprits

Police investigators have made a significant break in the Minar-e-Pakistan mob harassment case. An audio clip has been found allegedly featuring the complainant (Ayesha) and her social media content partner (Rambo) discussing the possibility of extorting money from the suspects arrested in the case.

Screenshot of the Minar-e-Pakistan mob harassment video

Recap of the Minar-e-Pakistan harassment incident

TikToker Ayesha Akram visited Minar-e-Pakistan on the 14th of August to celebrate Independence Day, where approximately 400 men harassed her. Videos of the young girl being groped by dozens of men went viral on social media, and many authorities took note of the incident.

An FIR was registered against 400 men for harassing and looting the woman. In the FIR, Ayesha Akram stated that she and her friends were making videos when around 300-400 men attacked her. Lahore DIG Operations Sajid Kiyani ordered the superintendent of police (SP) to take “immediate legal action” against the suspects involved in the incident.

What does the recorded conversation say?

Sources state that the recorded conversation has been extracted from TikToker Ayesha and Rambo’s phones. In the audio, Amir Sohail, alias Rambo asks Ayesha Akram about the number of the arrested suspects. She tells him that six people have been arrested. Rambo allegedly comments that they cannot demand a lot of money from the arrested as they appear to be poor. Ayesha allegedly replies that they can hardly demand half a million rupees from each of them.

In another leaked audio, Rambo reportedly threatens to share Ayesha’s intimate videos and pictures with all his acquaintances and colleagues. He complains:

You ruined me, and now I will ruin you.

Following the threat, Ayesha pleads in front of Rambo not to carry out his threat. According to sources, Rambo was perturbed over Ayesha allegedly shooting videos with someone else. Therefore, he started to threaten her.

Listen to the leaked audio clips here:

Ayesha blames Rambo

It is pertinent to mention that a few days earlier, Ayesha issued a statement before the investigators, accusing Rambo and his accomplices of blackmailing and extortion. She alleged:

Rambo has extorted Rs. 3 million from me. He filmed my nude videos and forced me to pay him half my income. I was unable to pay more money, so I complained to the police.

The TikToker further stated:

Visiting the monument on Independence Day was Rambo’s plan, and I could not resist because I feared that he would make my intimate videos viral. Rambo’s accomplices are responsible for the harassment.

Following Ayesha’s statement, the police detained 8 out of the 13 people identified by the TikToker, including Rambo, aka Amir Sohail.

Rambo pleads innocence

While speaking to a media outlet, Rambo pleaded innocence from behind bars. He said:

I saved Ayesha’s life on the day of the heinous incident. I was the one who saved Ayesha from the mob, but now she is putting the entire blame on me. Only I know how I took this girl (Ayesha) out of that situation alive and took her home, but now Ayesha has nominated me in the case. This is neither my fault nor Ayesha’s.

Rambo further stated:

Ayesha planned to go to Greater Iqbal Park, not me. She wanted to go [to Minar-e-Pakistan] with someone else, but his brother died, so I had to go with Ayesha.

While the police investigators have obtained shocking evidence in the Minar-e-Pakistan mob harassment case, they still haven’t reached a conclusion. According to the police, further investigation and forensic analysis of the acquired evidence are needed to ascertain the facts before declaring a verdict.

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