Former TV host Ayesha Sana booked in Rs20 million bogus cheque case

She borrowed the money from a relative and provided the cheque to clear the payment.

Pakistani actress and former TV host ,Ayesha Sana has been accused of defrauding money from her friends as well as other people.

A case has also been filed with Defence-B police after a cheque was dishonored in the Cantonment area of Lahore.

The claims state that the De Ijazat actress borrowed Rs20 million from a relative. The complainant has reported that Ayesha handed over a cheque to clear the payment, but that bounced because her account had no money in it.

The complainant also said that he was not alone as Ayesha handed over bogus cheques to other people too. The actress is blamed to have collected Rs 60 million in the name of personal use and customary committees-used to save money.

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