‘Are We On Social Media To Let Others Decide What We Do In Our Lives? Ayeza Khan Calls Out Haters

She finally speaks out!

Ayeza Khan, one of the most popular women in the Pakistani entertainment industry, is slaying her beauty and skills.

Ayeza has earned immense love from her fans due to her persistence and hard work. Although she has always been admired by her fans, yet sometimes, she falls prey to trolls on the internet.

Ayeza is not the type of woman who would let people get away with leaving harsh comments and demeaning her as a person without any reason. Recently, she expressed her sentiments by calling her haters out in a series of blunt tweets.

Khan took the matter to Twitter, shared how she gets hurt because of all the uninvited insensitive comments.

“Why are celebrities on social media? Are we here to let others decide what we have to do in our lives? Reading comments like those hurt us and break us from inside, too,” questioned the Meray Paas Tum Ho actress.

She further shared that despite all the hard times, the celebrities always try to paint the image as bright as they can, spreading positivity and entertaining people around them. But all they get in return is hate and troll!

“We entertain millions around, try to spread happiness, and act normal for our fans to divert their attention and tell them that things are fine,” wrote Ayeza.

Khan put a message of hope in these dark days and suggested people to stay calm and positive.

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  • when you post your life on the internet then you should be ready for the consequences as well.

  • Definitely yes ! why do you share every second of your daily life on social media? Eating, Shopping, Dressing, Bedroom, Sleeping, Dating, Pooping, Doping, Partying, Dancing…………..you can’t have any second of your life in private so be ready, people will say what they do not like in you.

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