Ayeza Khan sets a new fashion trend amidst the COVID-19 outbreak

Are matching face masks the new normal?


Ayeza Khan is setting a new fashion trend amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In her latest photo-shoot, the actress wore a matching face-mask with her dress.

The Meray Paas Tum Ho actress is one of the few celebrities who are playing their part in this battle against the COVID-19 with donations and charity work.

Posting a picture of her with a cloth-made mask that matched her outfit, Ayeza asked her followers to resort to DIY masks due to the shortage of protective gear in the market. She said the people should leave surgical masks for doctors and the paramedical staff.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote ‘’with the essential N95 and medical masks short in supply for medical workers, you shouldn’t be purchasing these masks (and if you have any that are unused, donate them to a local hospital)’’.

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With essential N95 and medical masks in short supply for medical workers, you should not be purchasing these types of masks (and if you have any that are unused, consider donating to a local hospital). As the medical workers, dealing with the patients need those masks more than us sitting at home or wanting to go to the grocery stores. Because of the panic people have stocked up on surgical mask creating a short supply for the medical workers who really need them. Due to this, the fashion industry stepped up to use their expertise into producing these masks. So around the world people are encourage to make their own cloth mask since the surgical masks are either too expensive or unavailable. In my recent posts, me and my team were trying to encourage my followers to not only make their own DIY mask but be creative with it. So my mask can have jewel or embroidery, it doesn’t matter as long as it serve the purpose and i am comfortable wearing it. So people should be little more open minded and act educated on the internet rather than trying to find the bad in every good. Stay safe.

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Ayeza added that people have stocked up on surgical masks, which has created a shortage. In her recent posts, the actress can be seen encouraging people to make masks at home and get creative with it by decorating them with embroidery or jewels. This way, you can keep up with fashion and masks’ purpose will also be fulfilled.

The MPTH star called for a new fashion trend:

All outfits require matching masks now, please !!! #fashiontrends2020 ⚡️

Here’s a picture without the mask from her shoot:

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    Ye fashion mask nhi ALLAH ki trf sy aik jhalak hai k parda kro be hayai sy baaz AA jao Mera jism Meri marzi ka jab sy Nara laga hai jab Sy ye Corona ka azaab musalat huwa hai

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