[WATCH] Why is the public unhappy with Ayeza Khan's recent TV appearance?

Beginning of change?

While the world is moving away from established beauty standards and beginning to accept real beauty, Pakistanis are still stuck in beauty and whitening creams.

In different parts of the world, influential figures take a stand to reject the shallow beauty standard and speak to promote every skin color and type. Comparatively, in Pakistan, our celebrities continue to promote highly deteriorating and discriminating standards of beauty.

One such celebrity, Ayeza Khan, recently became the brand ambassador of Faiza Beauty Cream. As soon as her campaign\’s advertisement rolled out, people got extremely disappointed and angry with the esteemed Pakistani actress. In the ad, Ayeza credits her success to Faiza Beauty Cream. Watch the cringe-worthy advertisement for yourself:

The shallow portrayal of beauty by the brand enraged people, and they filled the comment section with their resentment and displeasure. Here is what people have to say:

It is high time that Ayeza Khan and other celebrities and influential figures stop partnering with brands and beauty products that promote an unjust standard of beauty. Pakistanis will only move towards accepting real beauty if their idols start to do so too.

However, if campaigns like these continue, Pakistan\’s obsession with unrealistic beauty standards will continue to worsen, destroying the confidence and lives of young girls.

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  • kya ab tak koi aisa makeup ya technology nahi aai jo hands ke jhulriyaa aur complexion ko chupaa sake, kiu k ye 1 kilo makeup thop ker beautiful to ho jati hein magar hands in ke age aur in ke complexion zahir ker dete hein.

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