Azad Chaiwala’s ‘’ makes the news again. What is the application all about?

Interested people sign up on the site and look for a match with potential partners, like any other dating site.

Azad Chaiwala, the businessman, entrepreneur, and YouTuber, made a matrimonial website for men in 2014. The site connects men looking to marry for the second, third, or fourth time with potential wives. The website aims to promote polygamy (multiple marriages) in society. Intro Video is the first and only marriage webiste catering to the needs of Muslims who wish to practice a Polygamous Nikah.This topic has been considered a taboo for too long in our societies. It's time we corrected that. Help us revive this less practiced Sunnah and seek the benefits that Allah has hidden in it… by sharing this vide….Jazkallah Khairan.

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Details about the SecondWife.Com

The website introduction states:

We are a Muslim polygamy matchmaking service. We set up this service as we believed this is a Sunnah we needed to revive. This service is for practicing Muslims who are seeking marriage and accept polygamy as a lifestyle.

The website also explains what polygamy is:

Polygamy is where an individual has more than one spouse, and everyone is in agreement. This is not cheating and certainly is not bigamy. Polygamy is a choice and a way of life for thousands of people worldwide.

What Does The SecondWife.Com Do?

Interested people sign up on the site and look for a match with potential partners, like any other dating site. The site claims to be the largest Muslim polygamy matchmaking service with private, verified profiles.

The Brain Behind SecondWife.Com

The entrepreneur behind SecondWife.Com is Azad Chaiwala, one of the most controversial Muslim entrepreneurs. He was born in Manchester, UK, to a Pakistani family and started his first business at the age of 12 without any degree.

At the age of 33, he established SecondWife.Com to change the way people perceive polygamy. His matrimonial website states:

Polygamy the last remaining social taboo but one without which general society is breaking apart.

While talking to a media outlet, Azad Chaiwala said:

The second wife website came about from my need. I created it thinking that there’ll be other people in my situation.

Justifying the site, he said:

There are other deceiving ways of doing it – affairs, prostitution, etc. – those are not necessarily good for relationships. At, it’s more honorable. The whole idea is to build bigger and better families.

Internet’s Reaction To The SecondWife.Com

Azad Chaiwala has always been a controversial figure in Pakistan. He is known for promoting the idea of not educating women because he believes that education destroys women. His ideology has been the center of criticism from men and women alike in the country.

Now the dating site, SecondWife.Com, has garnered attention once again. People have started flooding the internet with mixed opinions about the site. Many are calling out Azad Chaiwala for being a chauvinist and misogynist.

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  • There is no formal platform for women esp divorcee or widows to get married again. So this website/concept shall be appreciated if it is intended positively.

  • Azad bhai hum tow itnay Azad hain k abi tak pehli he nahi milli. Dusri kahan say Dhoonden gay????????

    • Bro don’t worry, Inshallah working on that. We also need to end this culture of expensive and late shadiyan. Mind have started to change..

  • Dear author of this article, kindly regain from spreading lies about me being against women’s education. Rather I am the most vocal voice for their education.

    You can try but you’ll fail to find a single unadulterated video of mine that explicitly says that I am against women getting educated.

    This would appreciate you omitting the above statement from your article.

    Azad Chaiwala
    Ps. Ratta is not education 🙂

  • Its not about going out of the way for a sunnah revival. Prophet did not marry again to avoid prostitution or any affairs like your example.
    There are plenty of ways to help muslim women.

    This is nothing short of the sinister work of dajjal

  • I have a better brandname to suggest for your startup.

    A perfect and Islamic way of introduction.

    Why restrict your market to first or second or third or tenth?
    Because once you have saturated you’ll be looking to towards , fourth, fifth, to

  • Because the branding and domain name itself can be perceived as so what sexist hence why a bit controversial. Intentions may be good but the brand name is perhaps the biggest issue.
    You own
    That would have been an ideal platform to construct something like this with a strong brand name which expresses equality for all genders rather than focusing on the domination of a single group.

    I’d suggest for long run use your domain

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