Babar Atta to lead tobacco control program in Pakistan

PM's focal person for polio will also lead the anti-tobacco program.

~ Presently, 31.8% of men, 5.8 of women and 19.1 of the youth are tobacco addicts.


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s focal person for polio will now lead the tobacco control program in Pakistan. Babar announced his new position on his social media handle, thanking the PM to trust him with the job.

Babar added that he feels connected to the cause, and the risks it is posing to people’s lives.

I remain grateful to my Leader & Mentor with Special thanks to HM for considering me as the suitable person to lead Tobacco Control in the Country. When HM asked me for my consent, I said, “I love to take on the mighty, & Tobacco control is a mighty task” Babar said.

Continuing on this appointment, Babar added that tobacco is by far the biggest killer in Pakistan claiming 1,60,000 lives annually. It is absolutely crucial for Pakistan to take concrete steps in this sphere.

Tobacco is by far the biggest killer in Pakistan claiming 1,60,000 lives annually. Pakistan has failed in Implementing the WHO-FCTC which is a potential embarrassment for the country. InshaAllah with my aim is to turn it around & make Pakistan a model FCTC Country.

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Why is tobacco control crucial for Pakistan:

Tobacco consumption across the world is increasing at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, Pakistan is equally plagued by the curse. In a shocking revelation, with more than 56.7 per cent tobacco consumers, Pakistan is among the 15 countries worldwide with a heavy burden of tobacco-related health issues.

Passive smoking:

Currently, there are some 31.8 per cent men, 5.8pc women and 19.1pc youth who are addicted to tobacco in some form. Additionally, passive smoking is also among the leading causes of still birts in Pakistan. Not only active smoking, in fact, but a second-hand smoker also isn’t safe.

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