[VIDEO] ‘Babar Azam got me pregnant’, woman accuses in a press conference, ‘evidence’ viral on social media

'Babar proposed to me in 2010 but went back on his words after becoming a successful cricketer'

  • A woman named Hamiza has made serious allegations against the Pakistani cricketer Babar Azam.
  • She alleged that Babar proposed to her in 2010 but went back on his words after he rose to fame.

Babar Azam
Woman says Babar Azam allegedly subjected her to sexual, physical violence.

A woman named Hamiza has leveled serious allegations against the national cricket team captain Babar Azam, including having relation for 10 years. The woman made serious allegations against the cricketer in a press conference held at Lahore Press Club.

Hamiza, who claimed to be the cricketer’s schoolmate, alleged that he proposed to her in 2010 but went back on his words after becoming a successful cricketer.

A Pakistani journalist, Saj Sadiq, shared the woman’s video addressing a press conference on the 28th of November.

“Babar promised to marry me; he got me pregnant, beat me up, and threatened me,” the woman was quoted as saying.

She added, “As time progressed, we planned to get married. We also told our families, but they refused. Therefore, in 2011, we eloped, and Babar kept telling me that we would get married in court. We lived at numerous rented places, but he always kept avoiding marriage.”

babar azam

babar azam

babar azam

Netizens have responded to the allegations and defended the cricketer, saying that Azam was 16 years old in 2010. He was too young for marriage.


The Pakistan Cricket Board and Babar Azam are yet to respond to the controversy. Azam and the rest of the Pakistan cricket team are currently in New Zealand, undergoing a 14-day quarantine period.

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  • Insaf tu dena chahye, ye nhi k wo ab star cricketer bna hai…albta ager ye sub evidence sach ho.

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