After Kangana Raunaut’s sister, Twitterati now wants Babita Phogat’s account suspended. Here’s why

After Rangoli's account was suspended, Babita made another tweet, saying that 'Twitter doesn't like people who speak the truth'.


After Rangoli Chandel, Twitterati is now asking to suspend the Twitter account of the famous Indian commonwealth wrestler Babita Phogat. Rangoli became the center of criticism after she was accused of inciting violence in her tweets.

Rangoli, who is the sister of Bollywood diva Kangana Ranaut, was called out after she alleged that troublemakers who are attacking doctors in India during the lockdown belonged to a certain ‘religious’ community.

After the allegation, she found herself in hot water, as thousands of social media users reported her Twitter account for repeatedly making Islamaphobic and xenophobic comments. Following the complaints, her account was suspended by Twitter.

Babita is in the same boat now, attracting criticism for her recent statement. The star wrestler said that “jamaati” are a bigger problem than coronavirus in India.

”Coronavirus is the second biggest problem in India, uncivilized Jamaati, however, are India’s number one”, Babita wrote.

Babita’s communally charged tweet met quite a lot of criticism but somehow the attention was diverted soon as Rangoli became the top Twitter trend in India.

However, she did not stop there.

After Rangoli’s account was suspended, Babita made another tweet, saying that ‘Twitter doesn’t like people who speak the truth’.

This time, her statement did not go unnoticed. She became the top Twitter trend in India within minutes as people called for a ban on her account as well.

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  • She is hindu a terrorist they are not getting better as they have enough venom to spread against Muslims and Islam these people should be wipe out from the face of earth they are danger to humanity there media lies about Muslim and spread fake news its time for the world to cut all ties with these saffron terrorist state

  • My Twitter account was suspended as well and they say I am part of targeted abuse. God knows what abuse was that cuz I didn’t even use F word in my 10,000+ tweets since 2010.

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