Bad air quality claims 135,000 lives in Lahore every single year

It is also said that the life expectancy rate of people living in Lahore has started facing a reduction by 4-5 years.



A demonstration was held by the Young Doctors Association, physicians, and environmental activists in Lahore this Thursday outside Jinnah Hospital in regard to the increasing smog issue in Punjab capital.

As the air quality index hits 447, all these people demand the Punjab government take crucial steps in order to control air pollution in the provincial capital. An online petition is also making the rounds on social media where certain younger doctors and physicians’ requests were made.

The demonstration was led by Dr. Zulfikar Mir. He quoted a survey by The Lancet that states an alarming rate of annual deaths (around 135,000) in Lahore only because of air pollution.

It is also said that the life expectancy rate of people living in Lahore has started facing a reduction by 4-5 years or even more, according to research by (AQLI) Air Quality Life Index.

Dr. Mir also added that most of the medical practitioners do not realize the severity of the matter; therefore, they haven’t voiced their concerns until now. Although this subject should be addressed in a proper campaign just like the dengue issue was raised earlier this summer.

Studies are essential:

As mentioned by Dr. Mir, epidemiological studies are essential to calculate the current burden of smog and bad air quality.

According to Aysha Raja, who is an environmental activist, the fuel being sold across the city is substandard; hence, it contributes a lot to the air quality of the city. She further added that the world standard had been set as per Euro VI vehicle emission standards; however, the Punjab Clean Air Action Plan made a standard of their own, which was Euro 4. But sadly, people failed to follow that as well.

According to young citizens from the Huqooq-i-Khalq movement, a solidarity march would be arranged in the last week of November, where air pollution and climate change would be addressed. They believe the government has been indifferent to this matter.

Apart from that, parents also gathered and complained about the impacts of increasing smog.

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  • Thanks Sara Rasheed for your important/urgent quote/story being honored/released by the this blog being noticed for the first time had a lead in coverage for Climate Change being extremely Urgent/Important and should be more visible with Comments/Response in the blog.
    Yes the young doctors Association/Environmentalists activist in Lahore at Jinnah Hosital with Lahore AQI 447.
    Dr. Zulfiqar Mir per your Extremely Import/Urgent quote Lancet the Annual Deaths around 135,000 in Lahore because of AQI is very seriously taken by the WHO, Geneva as I received a detailed report from the WHO, Geneva for Pakistan stating the high alert alarm for Pakistan, recommend to minimise the use of petrol/diesel transport or else bear the consequences of Climate Change visible in Djakarta, Indonesia to shift the city costing US $35billion. Lahorites should abandon their cars or convert to hybrid conversion with a kit to battery operations already in use by Detroit based companies as GM, Chrysler, Tesla, etc., etc. If you, me have any love for our city/country we must stop petrol/diesel transport switch to EV with a smile, make bicycle tracks in Pakistan and legislation for cycling, use public transport to maximum/expect them to switch EV/hybrid model ASAP. Best compliments to the blog for the coverage, supporter Dr. Zulfiqar Mir, Young Doctors Association which will make it happen today.

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