With heavy machinery and goons, Bahria Town has illegally demolished 44 villages so far

'Bahria town authorities have demolished our graveyard, and have illegally occupied our eidgah land'- Villager

In an attempt to expand its area, Bahria Town Karachi has started occupying lands in a village, Ali Muhammad Gabol Goth. The Bahria Town administration has been forcing locals to vacate the area in line with an alleged Supreme Court order.

According to details, the authorities have demolished houses and assaulted villagers to occupy their lands illegally using heavy machinery and thugs.

A video of a resident of Ali Muhammad Gabol Goth has been circulating on social media. The resident said the Bahria authorities have demolished ‘their graveyard and took control of the eidgah land.’

A party worker leader, Hafeez Baloch, said Bahria Town has been taking over lands since its establishment in the city. It takes land by force if people do not agree to sell it to them.

Baloch added, Bahria invaded another village, Arbab Muhammad Gabol Goth, in the past, and damaged its graveyard, continuing that a similar operation is being carried out in Ali Muhammad Gabol Goth.

Following this, the Human Rights Activist, Ammar Ali Jan, said, “Bahria town has dispossessed hundreds of people while being subsidized by public money. The Sindh government, federal government, and media are all helpless in front of Malik Riaz. The Real Estate mafia is a ‘state above state’ that must be held accountable.”


Social media users shared the pictures and videos of the destruction done by the Bahria Town administration.

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  • He got the money, so he has the very valid licensed to do anything here.

    So please better keep quiet and would be much better if you please stop breathing as well.

    • its not just the villagers . I am an overseas Pakistani and my tenant in DHA has not paid rent in 2 months . effectively taken over the property. very abusive to my 65 year old mother and my people and I cannot do anything.

  • Jahan Ghas tuk nahi ugti wahan 44 Villages basay howay thay???? Jinaat kay villages too nahi hain yeh joo kisy insani ankh koo nazar nahi aaty thay 2014 say pehlay??? Kamal hi hoo gia yeh too bhi or aissa kamal sirf Sindh mai hi mumkin hay

  • I guess, all these villages are occupying lands of Sindh government. And Zardari had sold this land to Bahria.

  • What that guy failed to tell, Probably on purpose that they have been paid for the said land. As they have sold it, so they better vacate it. Behria is right regarding SC

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