‘Zanana kaam koi hai hi nahi’, Sharoze, Behroze Sabzwari explain why they don’t help in home chores

Here's what they said!

The father-son duo Shahroz Sabzwari and Behroze Sabzwari recently appeared on Nida Yasir’s morning show. The two talked about many things on the talk show.

During the candid conversations, the host asked the two guests who helps their wife the most while doing the house chores. Behroze Sabzwari was quick to state:

Zanana kaam koi hai hi nahi humaray pass. Hum haath hila dete hain, haath btatay nahi. [We don’t take any feminine work. We just wave our hands, not lend a hand.]

Nida Yasir directed her question to Shahroz Sabzwari and asked if he gets angry about cleanliness at home. To this, the actor replied:

That’s my wife’s department to take care of. Me to nahi [I don’t].

Shahroz Sabzwari later added:

However, if the women of our home ask us for help, we’ll do it.

The morning show host also asked who amongst the two is a more expressive husband. Behroze Sabzwari said:

I don’t believe in being expressive in public. I find expressive couples to be fake.

Agreeing to his father’s statement, Shahroz Sabzwari said:

I’m not too fond of public displays of affection, and I can’t do it. It is indeed ‘fake love’ that couples express in public. I find it ‘weird’ when couples sit very close to each other and feel that it is just a pretense. I can challenge that it’s fake. Yeh 2 number miyan-biwi hain, isko 2 numbri kehte hai. Dikhaway ke liye kartay hain. [They are fake husband and wife. They do it to show off].

Watch the full video here:

It should be noted that the father and son are currently working in ARY’s drama Teri Rah Mein.

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