Did Bakhtawar actually wear a gold and diamond-studded dress on her wedding?

Well let's find out!

wedding dress
Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari with husband Mahmood Choudhry.

Ever since Bakhtawar Bhutto tied the knot, there have been many speculations regarding her wedding dress. Many people think that Bakhtawar’s dress was made with pure gold and diamonds.

However, all the speculations were put to rest by the dress designer, Wardha Saleem.
Speaking to BBC Urdu, Wardha Saleem said, “Neither did we use a gold wire nor did we put in diamonds on this dress.”

The designer added, “I decided to keep the outfit gold and ivory because Bakhtawar had told me that the late Benazir Bhutto also wore a white-and-ivory suit on her wedding.”

“When Bakhtawar contacted us, she already had an idea about the kind of work we do. As she did prior research on our designs, it was easy for us to understand what she wanted.”

Saleem said Bakhtawar’s chiffon was handmade locally. She said, “As a brand, we prefer to use the best local material available in Pakistan for our bridal dresses.”

Wardha described Bakhtawar as a “dream bride,” saying that she showed full trust and confidence in them in making the dress.

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  • Who gives a damn about the rich spoilt girl’s dress when people are dying out there, both from Covid and starvation due to no income because of Covid. Get your priorities right mate.

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