Balochistan to build 49 dams worth PKR 6.4bn in the province

The dams would help reduce water scarcity and improve ground-level water in respective areas.


The government of Balochistan has decided to build around 49 new dams with an estimated cost of PKR 6.451 billion in the fiscal year 2021-22 to irrigate thousands of acres of land in the province.

The dams will help reduce water scarcity and improve ground-level water in respective areas. The construction of new dams is expected to start soon.

The Balochistan government has facilitated the construction work on the development of dams. It has also increased the allocation in the Public Sector Development Program of the current fiscal year to resolve the water deficiency issue in the province.

The amount of PKR 238 million has been allocated for the construction of the Awaran Dam and the development of the Command Area to harvest rainwater.

Moreover, the provincial government had spent PKR 860.868 million on the development of Phase II of the Command Area Development of Mirani Dam and Sabkazai Dam.

However, PKR 572.682 million has been reserved for Command Areas of these dams in Phase III.

To enable the cultivation of 29,000 acres of barren lands in Dera Bugti and adjoining areas, the government has allocated PKR 400 million for the development of the Kachhi Canal Command Area.

The allocations in PSDP for the current financial year would meet the demands of developing water-storing plants in the province.

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