‘Ban Chughtai Lab’ trends as wrong blood transfusion causes renal failure of a patient

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Ban Chughtai Lab

Lahore- A Kidney of a girl named Kiran has reportedly failed due to the transfusion of blood of another group. 

A social media user has shared that Chugtai Lab reported the wrong blood type for the girl. On the other hand, Surgimed Hospital in Lahore transfused the wrong blood type, and Kiran reportedly suffered from renal failure.

Netizens are infuriated after hearing of the grave error made by the well-known medical institutes. Many people have been demanding that Chugtai Lab and Surgimed Hospital Lahore must get banned. ‘Ban Chugtai Lab’ and ‘Justice for Kiran’ have been trending on Twitter since last night.

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  • Her crime ki saza phansi nahi hoti,, impose heavy fines on lab, get them pay for Kirin’s treatment!

  • Zaheer Ahmad my wishes and pray that she may recover speedy InshAllah .Humen Error pl forgive those .Allah Behtar Fasala kerney wala hay.Fight against negligence.

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