Ban On Youtube In Pakistan – Whose Loss Is It? Sochein Zaroor!

The biggest dilemma of Pakistani nation is that when it gets offended on anything, they take over streets, damage their own property to vent their anger and aggression.
Rather than treating the root cause, we are so driven by the idea of violence that we think only that can make a difference.
A reflection of one of the extreme measures that we thoughtlessly chose was banning youtube.

It was preached this prohibition on YouTube will teach a ‘lesson’ for allowing content that offends and hurts Muslim’s sentiments.
As YouTube will lose the revenue it generates from Pakistan, it will face massive loss and revisit their policies.
But the question is, whose loss is it?
Did it damage Youtube, a massive platform with Global viewership or is a loss for Pakistani people themselves, as we are closing the doors of learning for them?

YouTube has a range of different tutorials that help students as well as professionals in various areas. Not just that, YouTube is a ripe and rich source of Academic content, including documentaries and informative videos.

Wil damaging our own property and limiting the sources of knowledge that we have affects YouTube or ourselves?
Zara Sochiye!








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One thought on “Ban On Youtube In Pakistan – Whose Loss Is It? Sochein Zaroor!

  • August 28, 2017 at 10:23 am

    They can also ban the whole internet but will not fix a thing in themselves

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